Thursday, March 2

Rough Night

Junior is sick--in the grand scheme of life it's not earth shattering, but it was a tough night. He was throwing up all night, at this point the only thing he has keeped down is very small sips of watered down Gatorade.

I did get to see most of LOST before he bellowed for me at about 9:55.

He's sleeping now, I think I'll try to get some cleaning done and maybe find a little reading time.

Have a good one.



jenster said...

So sorry, Tara. Poor little guy!

I haven't watched "Lost" yet. We have to DVR it because it's STILL being pre-empted until 12:30 a.m. I just hope the b-ball game didn't run late. I forgot to set the next two shows to tape. Think I'll go check that now.

Hope you get some good reading done today!


Anne E. said...

My grandson had that last week -- it lasted 24 hours, but my son let him stay home an extra day from school, so he missed two days total. Pretty miserable while it lasted! It has also been going around my office, parimarily among those who have young children -- they are bringing it home from school. He should be "all better" soon.