Thursday, March 23

Stats and Counters

Does anyone else check out their statistic information?

I think I added the counter in early December and originally it was just to see how many people come to visit. But a couple of weeks ago I actually looked at the info it keeps track of, and now I find myself visiting every few days, just for curiosity.

Usually mine is filled with the usual suspects, those I visit on a daily basis, a few regular lurkers, who are always welcome, since I have a tendency to lurk on a few sites too.

Must visitors are from the US, but some are from Canada, Australia, France (Hi Sam), Uruguay (Hi Rosario), Singapore, Sweden, New Zealand... I'm always surprised when I see visitors from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or UAE, but I think it's probably service people.

But, sometimes I'm found through google searches, and sometimes what their asking for is down right odd and I'm left wondering how the heck this blog popped up.

One last week completely creeped me out--I'm starting to think sometimes it's just to much info.

Today's thoughts, have a good one and happy reading.


PS-- LOST was great last night!! Kristie has already blogged about it.


Sam said...

I don't even know HOW to check my stats, LOL.

Rosario said...

I'm addicted to checking my stats. I like looking at the Geo Tracking (US visitors are 72%, Canadians 8%, and I've had people from Tanzania, Senegal, Qatar, Guyana, Yemen, Grenada... just about everywhere) and at the searches people do to get to the site. I've had some weird ones, but none that show up lately. Looking at the latest, most are book-related. These past couple of months I've had quite a few of people looking for Nora Robert's next trilogy, probably because her website really sucks when it comes to giving info about what her next books are about!

Tara Marie said...

Sam, I didn't realize all this info was out there until I clicked on the number and logged in, the next thing I new I was getting all sorts of interesting info.

Rosario, I'm shocked, I never would have thought you loved statistics *huge grin*, I'm actually relieved to hear that someone else has found some strange searches.

Megan Frampton said...

I am addicted to my stats, too, which are really detailed. Someone found me by searching for "Cary Grant necrophilia," which was weird.

CindyS said...

I check hits during the day to see if I am winning or losing people.

If I see people googling my name I get scared it's my parents and they'll stumble across my blog. I'd just have to pretend I had never heard of one *shrug*

It's good for finding new blogs though because if I see a link I don't know I can follow it. I've found some other reader blogs that way.


Wendy said...

Wow - thanks for turning me on to stat counter! What a neat-o site. I just installed it on mine and have learned that 2 people from my former place of employment are reading my blog.

I guess I better stop swearing so much.

And so far I only have hits for the US and Canada. So um, Rosario - do me a favor and stop on by will ya :-)

Kristie (J) said...

I have that one but I had no idea you could tell so many things from it! I just know how to see how many visitors I get.

erika said...

Ok, how does one check the stats? I've seen other blogs mention this and I've searched blogger til my head ached for that info!

Tara Marie said...

Megan--isn't that creepy, the one that got me was about real mother son sex. Typing that grosses me out completely.

Cindy--I've had people google my name and I'm left wondering I'm who there looking for, or do they pop in out of curiosity.

Wendy--I'm glad you found it, it can be interesting watching the people who watch you.

Kristie--I didn't even realize that, I'd never clicked on the number before.


You need to add a counter to your blog.

I use

If you go to the bottom of my sidebar and click on the number it will bring you there too. The service is free.


erika said...

thanks tara.

Marg said...

I like reading the references. where people found me from. I too have found some new reader blogs that way! And even though they send me a summary once a week, I inevitably can't wait for that and check it a few other times as well!!

Jay said...

I'd say I check my stats once a month or so, sometimes less often. I usually only pay attention to my referrer logs and search strings. I'm constantly surprised at the things that pop up each month. For like a year I kept getting hits for people searching for "Figgy pudding." I still get people looking for info on whether or not Free was pregnant with Jay-Z's baby.

sybil said...


I love stat counters. And have like three I think. I checked allll the time when the whole 'thing' was happening to see if my explaceofhell was hitting me.

But haven't looked in a while. Oddness... but the number of people hitting me searching 'sybil' creeps me out. Even though I know most have to be looking for the movie. And it doesn't help they are redoing it. Or the myth thing, or the poem or the book or research on the 'sybil complex'. But still creeps me out.

And then there are the ones wanting to know about things I won't post, or they will hit you too :).