Saturday, March 11

The next time I say I'm done with an author and then pick up one of their books, someone please reach through the computer and smack me in the head.

Honestly, I could just smack myself, reading Hot Target turned out to be pure torment--too long, too many characters, too many sub-plots, maybe I was too sick to appreciate it. Yesterday someone blogged about too many series and I realized this was one series I let go of a while ago and should have left alone.

Spoiler...Not that it really matters, I'm pretty sure everyone who was going to read this one has already done so. The best part of this book was the sub-plot featuring Jules and darn it, he deserved his own HEA, and didn't get it. Maybe she's planning a book just for Jules.

I hate unresolved sub-plots, and Suzanne Brockmann is now famous for them. She strung us along way to long with Sam/Alyssa and Max/Gina. It keeps some people coming back for more, for me it's become a big turn off.

Suzanne Brockmann is an excellent author, I loved her SIM series, but these books just don't work for me anymore, I wish they did.


Sam said...

Another decapitated woman on the cover.

Very strange.

CindyS said...

Hot Target's only good point was Jules and I'm sooo not going to read her next few books. I'm sick of being dragged through the mud. I have found that she once she gets to a character's story she loses what was unique about them. Sam was still an original but Max - meh. Cosmo - bigger meh. The one that wasn't connected before Cosmo's - very, very bad.

Like you I loved her SIM and her loveswepts (if you can find them) were phenomenal. She wrote the only TT that has ever worked for me. Also, she had two stand alone titles (one is Her Bodyguard which I haven't read) and the other was about a movie and all the characters - excellent book.

All good things must come to an end.

Now, consider yourself slapped through the computer ;)