Thursday, March 30

Cleaning Day

My house is in desperate need of cleaning, but I wanted to post a few thoughts before I sign off for the day...
  1. If you have your computer remember your user name and password for blogger, write it down somewhere, it took me hours yesterday to get back in after I deleted my cookies, files and history.
  2. While on hold with my server yesterday I read Cathy Yardley's The Cinderella Solution. I think it's probably the best "best friend romance" I've ever read. I had some issues with dialogue, but to be honest, I complain about most contemporaries' dialogues.
  3. I finally tracked down a copy of Eloisa James' The Taming of the Duke. That makes me a happy camper, since I am a self-proclaimed Eloisa James fangirl, not rabid, but definitely a huge fan. It was hiding on the bottom shelf at Wal*Mart, looking very lonely, I had to bring it home.

And can anyone explain why my local B&N has a problem getting books out by release dates. I know I'm nit picking, but gee whiz, why are they always a week behind, and my local Wal*Mart gets their books out on or before release dates.

Have a good one, and happy reading.


PS--once again LOST was great last night. I taped it last night and watched this morning. I'm heading over to Kristie's to check out her review.


sybil said...

release dates... don't get me started

My wally world is great about having them out but they keep moving shit around. They did have Taming in romance and on the 'bestseller' rack. Which is good, since it was in one rack on the bottom on the bestseller thing and could be easy to over look.

Not a fangirl and broke so I was good and didn't get it but will at some point. I will cop to reading the last few pages cuz I suck like that. But I read on the AAR board that they h/h don't met up until chapter something (seven?) that would so make me sad.

So do tell when you are done with it. The Cinderella Solution? off to look up.

Nicole said...

I've had Taming of the Duke since Tuesday and started it Tues. And am STILL reading it. I'm kinda disappointed in that it just doesn't have that spark the others did. Still good, but no spark.