Monday, March 6

Mish mash mush...

I actually had a few minutes to myself Saturday and I hit the UBS, picked up a few books in record time. It's amazing how fast things can get done without a child in tow.

So, here's what I found:
  • The New RT
  • 3 Rachel Gibson's--It Must Be Love,Lola Carlyle Reveals All and True Confessions.
  • Lavyrle Spencer's Years--an old favorite and mine is falling apart from a few too many rereads.
  • Adele Ashworth's Winter Garden
  • Madeline Hunter's The Romantic which I loaned to my sister and she hasn't returned.
  • Ashley Ladd's Civil Affairs--which was a waste of time and money. Maybe I'll post something about it when I'm little less annoyed.

Sunday we took a ride to B&N figuring some of the March releases would be on the shelf--of course they weren't, so I made my husband go to Wal*Mart on a Sunday morning. The lines had to be 20 people deep, but I didn't care I found:

  • Lover Eternal--finally
  • Lord Perfect
  • A Gentleman by Any Other Name--Kasey Michaels

I was a very happy camper, please note I didn't even bother with authors for LE and LP as they're a given, right?

I made myself finish Civil Affairs before starting Lover Eternal, why I don't know, it was pure torture.

I'm giving up on Romantic Times on-line--not really. I've tried registering and never received an activation code and when I tried to register again, I'm told the user name and email address are already taken by a different user--that's right me, but I still can't get in--no activation code. The whole damn thing's given me a headache.

Today, I register Junior for Kindergarten, I can't belive it, where has this time gone??

Have a good one and happy reading.



Nicole said...

Tara, did you check your junk mail folder for the activation email? That's where mine went.

Tara Marie said...

Nicole, you're probably right, I never think of bulk mail--I've got 7000+ in there and I never even look at it. Thanks

Tara Marie said...

Nicole--you were right, I had to wade through 1000 junk emails to find it.

Rosario said...

Tara, you MUST read Winter Garden! It's one of my favourite romance novels ever. And I just can't wait for Lover Eternal. Should be here any day now!

Tara Marie said...

Rosario--I knew it was a favorite of yours, that's why I picked it up. It's probably going to be next on the TBR pile.

Nicole said...

Oh, I regularly check my junk mail folder. It's weird what will get sent there every once in awhile.

CindyS said...

Wow, great haul!! Especially LE and I haven't read it yet. That's todays project. Nothing but read and eat fattening things. Yum.