Tuesday, March 21

Nothing to read...

Can't decide, can't decide, can't decide...of the 200 books on my TBR pile nothing is interesting me. What I really want is the new Eloisa James, but it's not out yet. I hit Wal*Mart and B&N yesterday and it's not to be found. Technically it's not out until the 28th, but WM is usually good for not waiting for release dates.

So, instead of finding Eloisa James' The Taming of the Duke I found Stephanie Laurens' The Truth About Love A Cynster Novel, I haven't read a SL in 2 or 3 years. Why I bought this one I'm not sure. I started it last night and got about 35 pages in and realized I don't want to read this or any other Cynster book. Gerrard is "...Vane's protege. In becoming the man he now was, the influence of the Cynsters had been critical... Gerrard is an artist, who wants to paint some Lord's garden, only the Lord wants a portrait of his daughter too. He spends a good portion of these 35 pages, whining and complaining about not wanting to do this. Doesn't he know Cynsters don't whine, suck it up, and stop belly-aching. Of course all the belly-aching stops when he lays eyes on the beautiful creature...whatever.

I still think it's ridiculous that a grown man is called Vane, Scandal, Devil..., not only do I hate these names, I hate the name Cynster, it makes me think of Fenster and that makes me think of Bugs Bunny...

"How many times do I have to tell you not to play with the dirty money?"

spank, spank, spank, guns, knives, bombs, brass knuckles, grenades fall out of diaper.

Do kids today even know who Bugs Bunny is?

Over the weekend I finished Mary Reed McCall's Beyond Temptation, it was a good book, maybe a little melodramatic, but I'm not complaining, it was rather nice to read a medieval.

I also started and put down Katie MacAlister's Blow Me Down, and actually this time it wasn't the writing or an idiotic heroine, it was the storyline, I should have known it wasn't going to be for me. I'm so computer challenged, I have absolutely no interest in RPGs, RPHs, MMORPGs or VRs. The only games I play on the computer are Hearts and Freecell, so I'm having a hard time relating to all this virtual reality. But, I'm not giving up, I'm going to try and finish it.

Now, I'm going to suck it up and stop my belly-aching.

Have a good one, and happy reading.



Bookwormom said...

I've been hunting for a copy of Winter Garden, but have had no luck finding a copy under $11. Is it really that good?!

I'm unsurprised you've had trouble with K.M. I find that once I dislike an author, I really have a hard time trying again & again. I like her books, but I read them as light, love & laughter & don't expect too much beyond that.

As to the Cynsters- the first family grouping was enough. All of these friends & 'proteges' & whatever..it's too much. She needs to move on.

Glad you like the MRM. She is new to me & I'm a sucker for a good medieval.

Tara Marie said...

Amanda--Winter Garden is that good, thanks Rosario for recommending it. I think it's one of those books that became popular after it was OOP. To be honest, I was somewhat surprised my UBS had it and not at a collectible price.

The KM might be a good book, I swear I'm going to keep trying, at least this time it's not her writing style putting me off.

I read the original Cynsters, hated the names then too, and got lost when she did the books about the twins, read them, but haven't been able to read anything since.

I've now read a couple of MRM's books, she's got a nice voice and style, I'm going to try to keep up with this series.

Sam said...

I have two books begging me to read them - Bernard Knights 'the Sanctuary Seeker' and Barbara Tuchman's 'In a Distant Mirror'. But I have to wait till this weekend - I am too busy to sit down and read! Whaaaaa!

medusa said...

can i add you to my blog roll? i have been trying to do an m phil on popular romantic fiction....and apart from that i really like what and how you write

sybil said...

hee I love bugs! Is it sad I know that cartoon and have no kids? But really the love him and squeeeeze him and call him george is my fave of all time ;)

SL... names didn't bother me of course started near beginning of romance reading. But really there is a time to STOP. And uh grow as a writer. Or something. But they seem to sell so whatever.

EEK I still need to look for BT. I KNOW I got it.

WG rocked. And I didn't even know I got lucky when I found it. LOL if I find another and have money in the bank I will pick one up for you Amanda. I want to say I have seen it again.