Saturday, March 11

B&N Trip

Barnes & Noble Find Of The Day


Avid Reader said...

Is this series any good?

Which did you enjoy the most?


Tara Marie said...

Keishon--I am enjoying this series, and I'm not sure I can say which I liked more. The first 2 were both very good and I'm hoping the third is the best.

sybil said...

cover is weird...

Where is her head? Is that hair or a bad? :)

Marg said...

Can not wait to get to this. Of course, I probably should read The Courtesan first!!

CindyS said...

It took me a while to figure out which way the character was facing. I kept looking for her other arm.

All the same, I love the covers she has been getting. I really need to move her up on the pile *snort*


jenster said...

I love this series. I think I enjoyed "The Courtesan" even more than "The Dark Queen".

I received this book in the mail the other day and am anxious to get to it. The hero in this book is a character from the first two and I can't imagine how he's going to redeem himself. CAN'T WAIT!!


Tara Marie said...


I finished it this morning, it's really very good. And, he does find redemption, I was 100 pages into it and still thinking the same thing, but Susan Carroll does an amazing job. I love her writing voice and style.

I'm putting off writing a review because I'm not sure I can do it without spoilers.