Friday, March 24

Not looking forward to today...

Junior broke one of his 2 year molars. We think it happened when he fell at school, but it didn't start bothering him until last week.

Our dentist thinks it should be removed. We have to be at the oral surgeon at 8:00 this morning. I'm hoping he can pull the tooth today.

It's not really bothering him too much, but once in a while something tweekes it and he complains. The poor little guy has a high pain threshold, which isn't good, the couple of times he's had ear infections, they were raging before we realized it.


Bookwormom said...

((Jr & Mom))

Son #2 rolled down three uncarpeted stairs at 1 1/2 & loosened both of his upper front teeth. I'd not seen that much blood on such a small child, ever.

We had to go to the dentist every other week for a very long time to be sure they were 'resettling' in place. Luckily our dental ins. covered it all.

He has his permanent teeth now & they're fine, thank heaven. I'm sure Jr. will do fine- just be sure you've lots of popsicles to keep the swelling & pain down.

Nikki said...

My thoughts are with you and Jr. today. I hope he feels better real soon. Isn't it hard as a mother---you just want to take the pain for him? It would be so much easier that way. Whenever my kids are in pain in a major way like this, I feel so sick to my stomach afterwards. Take care.


Megan Frampton said...

Oh, I hope everything went okay. I can't imagine how hard that is. My son doesn't even like brushing his teeth.

CindyS said...

I hope everything is okay! At least he has a high pain threshold. Apparently so does my Godson Joshua because they found he had a very bad ear infection also and he hadn't complained about ear pain once! He was just there for his asthma.

Now the other child - high pain tolerance but because his father freaks out everytime something happens with 'is he going to die!!' he has become a worry wart. Don't blame him. How does a father freak out over a bleeding nose!


Tara Marie said...

Thanks all for your sympathy and good thoughts, keep it up until 8:15 Monday morning. The oral surgeon decided today's visit should just be a consultation. He was very nice and explained everything they would be doing.

Junior was an angel, jumped up into the chair like a champ, I hope he still feels that way Monday afternoon.

Sam said...

Oh, poor chap!
I hope everything goes well on Monday too - I dread going to the dentist because of childhood memories. I really Like my dentist, and he's never hurt me, but those darn memories color all my visits.

CindyS said...

Yikes! Happy thoughts coming your way.