Monday, February 20

Still Wasting Time...

My March Wish List:

I've been waiting for this book since I finished Dark Lover. I can admit, I've not been real patient about it.

Another book I've been cooling my heals for, I enjoyed The Dark Queen and loved The Courtesan and can not wait for this one.

Mr. Impossible was one of my favorite reads from last year, actually I think I read it in December of 2004, but who's keeping track. I certainly hope this one lives up to MI.

For some reason I have to have this book new. I enjoy Lisa Kleypas' books, they're rarely keepers, with a few exceptions. Love her storylines and plots, and yet I'm never completely satisfied with her books as if the actual writing doesn't live up to my expectations, I know it's weird, but what can I say?

Nothing lives up to Madeline Hunter's medievals, but I keep trying her thinking at some point this series will be as good.

I like Kasey Michaels, once in a while I'm disappointed, but that's okay. And this looks interesting.

I have no idea where I saw this book reviewed, but it sounded great, so it's on my wish list.

There were a few other books, but I'm going to look for them used.


Kristie (J) said...

Lover Eternal - yep it will be mine - either by buying it or (maybe) winning it at AngieW's. Loretta Chase - yep - although I still HATE the cover. Susan Carroll - I just bought the first in the series so if I like it, could be a yes for this one. Devil in Winter - you betcha! The only Avon autobuy I have left. Lady of Sin - *sigh* I don't think I'll get this one. I couldn't finish her last one so she is off my list - unless she makes a return to medievals. Kasey Michaels - I'm like you. Some of hers are very good - others not so much. Awaiting the Moon - hmmm - never heard of it although I like werewolves. Now that I have some extra money *smug annoying chuckle* I might give this one a try. My other two have-to-gets for March are Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen and Surrender by Pamela Clare.

Kristie (J) said...

Me again. So - Night in Eden is your favourite Proctor. I really liked it two - my second fave after - well you know - Whispers of Heaven.

Sam said...

Awaiting the Moon has an awesome cover - So does the Kleypas novel - very intriguing. I have to stop looking at new books until I finish my TBR pile - coming up next - The Sweet Gum Tree - I heard lots about it and grabbed it about a month ago. Haven't gotten to it yet. *sigh*

Tara Marie said...

Kristie, March is going to be a good month. I've never read Pamela Clare, so I'm searching out her backlist before planning on that one new. Candice Proctor is a perennial favorite, I wish she was still writing romance.

Sam, I'm in complete denial when it comes to my TBR pile, I wont even admit to myself how many books I have taking up space all over the house.


sybil said...

::mummbles I have read two of these::

I really want DiW, you prolly haven't noticed :).

Kristie if you liked the books before Lord of Sin, I think you will like Lady of Sin. There was a different ton to it more in line with the others. Of course I do say that having liked Lord as well.

I would be shocked if you and kristie don't love Lover Eternal. The first time I read it I thought of you guys, as it was ripping out my lil heart.

I want LP as well but with my current money issue DiW, will prolly be my last new book for a while. le sigh....