Thursday, February 16

This, that, other thoughts...and a Challenge...

Of late my brain seems to have problems focusing. I'm left wondering whether it's this cold that has me fuzzy headed or maybe I've got adult ADD, I'm leaning towards fuzzy headed myself.

The snow from last weekend is melting and my son enjoys rolling around in the slushy, muddy mess. He was an interesting sight yesterday in snow pants, oversized sweat shirt, winter boots, hat and mittens. Somewhere my dad found a toy truck that's a salt spreader, you would think this is the greatest toy ever invented.

Last night's LOST left me, well, lost. I still haven't seen last season with the exception of a few episodes, so I had no idea Sayid tortured Sawyer last season, I found this out over on Kristie's this morning. I also didn't know Claire went missing for 2 weeks last season, saw that info in the coming attractions. I've put in a request for season one from the library, but I'm 38 in the queue, that makes me think I have at least a six month wait. I need to breakdown and actually pull out the old Blockbuster card and rent this.

I finally got around to joining Paper Back Swap. I listed 12 books this morning.

Over on Book Lovers' Nook there's a post about our evolving reading tastes. I know my tastes have evolved and changed over the years.

This week I reread Mary Balogh's The Secret Pearl. Of course, I wasn't planning on doing a reread, I didn't remember reading it in the first place. But, as soon as I started reading I knew I'd read it before and remember thinking it was way over the top melodramatic. So I guess it falls into the "didn't 'Love'" when I first read it category. I still didn't love it, but I have to say I love Mary Balogh's writing style and voice even if I didn't love this particular story.

So, here's my Challenge, pick an old favorite, something you haven't read in years and see if it's still a favorite. And/or maybe read something you didn't exactly love in the past and see if it improved with age.

Last year I reread Whitney, My Love which had been an absolute favorite and struggled to finish it. I'm thinking I may need to read Kathleen Woodwiss' Shanna or The Wolf and the Dove, at one time these were my all time favorite romances, now I have a feeling they're going to be filled with "Purple Prose" and probably not as enjoyable.

And one final thought, question, does anyone else feel guilty when they hate something that a friend "highly recomends"? I always feel like I must have somehow missed something, what's wrong with me that I didn't "get it"?


ReneeW said...

Way back in the day, Shanna was my absolute favorite book. I'm totally scared to read it now. I reread Whitney, My Love from my keepers two years ago and it went directly to the UBS. Yikes!

I feel a smidge of guilt when I don't love a book someone recommends but I know we all have different tastes. I feel much more guilty when I recommend something and the other person hates it. I don't want to think that I caused someone grief. ;)

Tara Marie said...

Renee--I have to agree, I feel horrible when I recommend something that falls flat.

sybil said...

Nah I feel no guilt. I don't expect everyone to like what I like, hee even you with the bad boy books ;).

There are many books I might not like but knowing a person's taste I would recommend.

It is all so subjective. We can each sit down and read the same book and all take away something different.

But I do have to admit I will give things a shot I wouldn't normally if they are highly rec'ed by a friend. And if I disagree, it makes for a fun conversation ;).

Bookwormom said...

I'll participate in the challenge. I'm a bit nervous that I'll end up hating whatever I end up reading, but hey. Life's too short.

As to disliking someone else recs, I agree with Sybil. Good conversation between good friends is priceless. Then again, I don't grade my reviews. Books are either keepers or they aren't. So, hey- who knows? We're all individuals.

Sam said...

I read Green Darkness, after so many years, and it was completely different from what I remembered. I read it when I was about 16 and had found it spoky and evocative and Wonderful. Now it fell a bit flat but Anya Seton still had some excellent bits of writing in there and it was easy to keep reading and finish the book.