Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day And Other Odd Thoughts...

Today is Valentine's Day. The one day a year we prove our love by being romantic--shouldn't we be doing this everyday?? Isn't this why we read and love romance novels?? I have a cold that's settled into my sinuses, it's making me grumpy and sarcastic.

I was in B&N the other day and they had a "Valentine's Day" table set up in the front of the store. It had some cutesy things on it all in pink and red and my first thought was "You've got a whole section dedicated to Valentine's already--it's called romance." You know they didn't have one romance novel on that damned table.

Junior made the most adorable pin in school, a heart with buttons glued all over it, he was very creative with those buttons. He also made a card with a picture of a little boy, he told me he colored the hair brown so I would know it was him, isn't he cute. The hubby and I exchanged cards, flowers and candy, and Junior received "The Breakdown Train" for his Thomas the Tank Engine set--better than candy according to our little boy.

While shopping yesterday I picked up the reissue of Mary Balogh's The Secret Pearl, I was sure I hadn't read it--ack, of course I had. Fifty pages in I recalled the entire story. Once again this reminds me that the memory is shot, I can't remember storylines and characters from books I read last month, how the heck am I supposed to remember something I read 15 years ago. I do remember why it didn't go on my keeper shelf then--too melodramatic. I'm going to finish it and see if my reaction is the same. Though she is an autobuy for me and has been for years, I thought many of her books from the 90's were way too dramatic.

Once again, I've let the laundry get away from me, so I'm going to the laundromat to do all the comforters, sheets, blankets, etc...all those things that don't fit in the home washer. I might as well do the rest too, I can get a weeks worth of laundry done in a couple of hours. I know it's an exciting way to spend Valentine's Day, buy hey, nothing says I love you like clean underwear. I also have to go to the library, they have 3 books and a dvd in for me--I'm hoping the DVD is the first season of LOST and not the Fantastic 4 that I requested for Junior, I'll have to check the library website before we head out.

I've started purging books again, I've got a bag for the Library, a bag to list on the trade site, a bag for the UBS and another for the thrift store. I also have a much larger official TBR pile, maybe I'll actually get to them.

Well, I should stop procrastinating and get my day going.

Have a good one and happy reading.



Bookwormom said...

The B&N closest to us had a Valentine's table set up- all of the books were sex related. Now I don't know about you, but I always thought romance is more than ending up in the sack.

Personally I'm more of the show them you love them all year kind of person. One day a year doesn't cut it, IMO.

Megan Frampton said...

We don't do much on V-Day--and yeah, every day should have a tiny bit of romance.

As for F4, it was bad. Some parts were fun bad, but it was mostly just meh bad. Ioan is cute, but not charismatic. The Human Torch guy is good eye candy, though.

sybil said...

I am so not much for New Years Day or Valentines. They are both just blah to me. But we know how I am :).

It shocks and amazes me how you can get rid of so many books! I think I would cry.

Tara Marie said...

Amanda--It must have been a chain thing with B&N. I agree--love em all year.

Megan--we're not big on Val. Day either, hence the flowers, candy and cards. The F4 is for Junior I have no interest, but I do agree Torch guy isn't bad.

Sybil--I don't have the room!! I still have close to a thousand books, and I read like a fiend. Can't keep everything.

Jenster said...

We had decided not to do anything for Valentine's Day, either. I did, however, send hubby a card to his hotel. I think this made him feel bad about not getting me a card and I ended up with a $100 GC to B&N. LOL!

I may have thought not to shave my legs yesterday as a protest against the burgois, over-commercialized "holiday", but I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth!


Tara Marie said...

Jenster--B&N gift card, my favorite gift, better than jewelry--lol.

Kristie said...

So - which one was it the Lost DVD or The Fantasic Four? *grin*