Saturday, December 16

Books and other things...

Well it's almost 4 am and I'm up for the day. Junior crawled into bed with us at 2:15, the child is a bed hog. I'm on-line and the hubby moved to Junior's bed and Junior is sound asleep in the middle of our queen sized bed. Doesn't seem quite right--LOL.

Earlier in the week I picked up 4 Gayle Wilson romantic suspsenses at the UBS. I'm currently reading In Plain Sight, it's very good, but I've one qualm, like Bogeyman, a child needs protection from someone trying to kill them. It's very disconcerting to see a child as a victim and yet she does a wonderful job showing a how strongly a mother will protect her child.

I'm trying to reach 200 books read this year. I've got 4 to go, including the one I'm currently reading. Two weeks, I think I can get it done. But then if next week's as busy as this one was I'm not sure. Wednesday was spent wrapping and Thursday and Friday I worked Santa Shopping at school--4+ hours each day of helping little kids spend money. You wouldn't believe what I could do with $20. Today and tomorrow are tied up with family birthday parties, but I do get to read in the car.

I'm thinking about adding "Current Google Searches" to my sidebar, I'm still finding them rather entertaining, though I did delete one I found a little too creepy...

2 reviews of pleasure for pleasure by eloisa james
2 the gladiator's honor excerpt
1 awaken pleasure nalini singh online books
1 nice romance nicknames
1 elizabeth hoyt
1 romance reading mom
1 dageus
1 my friends hot mom mrs. janes
1 mrs carrington porn
1 raven claw stephenie
1 online reads barbara cartlands romantic novels
1 zoe archer
1 julie garwood saving grace

Tomorrow I'm posting the Christmas Meme I swiped from Jenster, I just have to actually finish it.

Have a great weekend and happy reading.

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CindyS said...

200 Books!! Aren't you afraid of running out of books to read?

Okay, looking at the shelves of books I have bought since moving I guess I wouldn't ever run out of books but still, I would worry ;)

Can't wait to hear the final tally.