Tuesday, December 26

Books, books and even more books...

Well I haven't read anything in about a week, but I went a little crazy today ordering from B&N. . .
  1. Blame it on Paris -- Laura Florand, there was a great review of this one over on Dear Author.
  2. Midnight Secrets -- Jennifer St. Giles
  3. Darkest Dreams -- Jennifer St. Giles, this got a nice review by RT since it was the second in a series I had to order the first, see above.
  4. For the Love of a Pirate -- Edith Layton, I don't know why I ordered this one, maybe it was the pirate thing.
  5. Autumn in Scotland -- Karen Ranney, I'm tired of "Scotland" books, but Karen Ranney is a favorite.
  6. High Stakes: A Tale of Vegas Vampires -- Erin McCarthy
  7. Bit the Jackpot -- Erin McCarthy, liked the review at Dear Author and needed the first in the series too, see above.
  8. Master of Shilden -- Lucinda Carrington
  9. All Night Long -- Melissa MacNeal, this ones an Aphrodisia, I'm curious.
  10. Demon Angel -- Meljean Brook, the extra for my BIL.
  11. Made in Sin -- Celia May Hart


  1. Natural Born Charmer -- Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  2. Winter Lodge -- Susan Wiggs
  3. The Lawman's Bride -- Cheryl St. John
  4. Blood Ties: Possession -- Jennifer Armintrout

All of this came to over $150 and I paid for everything with gift cards, and I still have over $100 in additional cards. What's even more amazing I also ordered 2 books from Amazon with a gift certificate from there. And, the family says I'm hard to buy for--LOL. What's so hard about that??


Bookwormom said...

That's quite a haul you're getting- you lucky thing you! :)

Tara Marie said...

Amanda, it's one of the perks of having your birthday at Christmas time, it seems like everything gets doubled--LOL.

mamx said...

OH YES THE las vegas vampires book. i did pick that one up and thought wow it got sex going on already in the book but it got the right fantasy kind of vibe in it . it seemed alful realistic narrative wise. and it got that film noir vampire thing going. i do wonder if i should have gotten it . i like the buffy vampire kind of books i really do so why didnt i get the book mmmm. the sex maybe or too many vampires books calling my attention not sure . ah well happy holidays merry christmas happy new year and oh we got got lovely picture perfect snow today wow. weather freakish this year in nb , later then bye

Tara Marie said...

mamx--I'm not big on the comedic vampire books, but I do like Erin McCarthy's writing style and voice.

Happy holidays to you too--picture perfect snow sounds amazing, we haven't had a flake yet. It's the warmest winter I can remember.

Kristie (J) said...

Woa!!! Did you score in gift cards! Lucky, lucky you. I haven't heard of a few of the ones you ordered though. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you think of them.

Wendy said...

A word of warning - Melissa MacNeal is campy. I mean, really campy. So if you're looking for some semblance of reality, not the way to go. The closest comparison I can come to is Thea Devine. They have a similar camp factor. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it's so silly you can't believe what you're reading.

Tara Marie said...

Kristie--I love gift cards--LOL.

Wendy--camp factor is perfectly fine. I'm a Thea fan, so I should be okay with this one, I'll keep my fingers crossed.