Friday, December 29

The eBookman is officially working...

Thanks to Jane and her abundant knowledge of such things.

I've read about 1/2 of the first book I downloaded and have downloaded a second. I'm definitely going to need a memory card. I had to delete a bunch of files they provided for music, and other media files, just to get the second book to load. This thing's for books, if I want something to play music I'll get an IPod and if I want to read Newsweek, I'll pick up a magazine.

My order with B&N got messed up thanks to the pre-ordered books even though I requested them to be shipped as available and not to hold for the entire order, they held the entire order.
And both books I ordered from Amazon have been shipped. By the middle of next week my TBR pile will jump by 12 or 13 books.

I've spent the day playing games with my little guy--Monopoly Junior and V-Smile games. He seems quite happy with the presents Santa brought.

I think we're going out to dinner tonight, a nice dinner, not burgers, pizza or Chinese.

Tomorrow we're off to Mom's for dinner, my brother's due in sometime today.

We have absolutely no plans for New Years Eve, I sincerely doubt we'll make midnight.

Have a good one, I'll post some book reviews over the weekend.

Happy reading--Tara

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Sam said...

I have finished all my Christmas books (well, all three of them, lol) I am waiting for an order of three books to arrive. I am Not Patient. LOL