Tuesday, December 12

The Search Engine Thing **edited**

I always find the searches used to find me rather interesting. Over the last few days I've been watching them, some make sense but others seem a little odd...

6 romance reading mom
5 bogeyman gayle wilson
4 my best friends hot mom mrs carrington
2 pleasure for pleasure eloisa
2 read kresley cole books free online
2 no rest for the wicked kresley online text
2 firesong plath
2 rumanian love spell
2 jacquelyn frank
2 eloisa james sebastien esme
1 keishon brooklyn, ny
1 mary spencer the dark wager
1 boots without socks
1 carla kelly
1 houston, we have a problem erin mccarthy recap
1 die hard penninsular war
1 may/december harlequin romances
1 saudi arabia lobster breast daughter erotic story
1 tara marie meljean demon angel
1 the undomestic goddess by sophia kinsella plot summary
1 sebastien and esme katie macalister
1 romantica giselle wedding dresses
1 stephanie gee, ubs, singapore
1 two lives in waltz time
1 katie macalister sebastien
1 italian endearments
1 scottish sausage
I finally figured out "my best friends hot mom mrs carrington" is porn--what can I say I'm a little slow--LOL.

The book/author searches are obvious.

"Boots without socks" was something I wrote about Junior quite a while ago.

"tara marie meljean demon angel" was Jane for an article over on Dear Author.

"saudi arabia lobster breast daughter erotic story"--what the heck are they looking for?

And "firesong plath" and "rumanian love spell" are rather curious?

edited to add todays searches...
3 romance reading mom
1 erotic reviews tsr
1 j k w x y what is
1 and then he kissed her, by laura lee guhrke
1 characters in superstition by karen robards
1 western writer blog russell davis
1 mrs carrington hot mom
1 favorite reindeer snacks
1 how long is mom pregnant in hydras
1 Lisa marie rice website
1 lover eternal ebook
1 seduce lawn boy stories
1 guilty pleasures ebook download guhrke

So what do you think??


Avid Reader said...

Someone named, Keishon showed up in a search engine? You know, I need to get used to other people having MY name as I live nowhere near New York. Oh and that it's a starting to be a popular boy's name spelled Kishon.

Keishon *the real one*

Tara Marie said...

Keishon, "in Brooklyn" was my first hint they weren't looking for you--LOL. I've actually heard the name Keishon before, not often. Growing up I was the only Tara we knew, it's gotten more popular over the last 20 years.

ames said...

LMAO @ "saudi arabia lobster breast daughter erotic story."

Do we even want to know what they're looking for? And why would your blog pop up for that? What are you hiding?

J/k! I never get anything crazy like that, just the party in the pants. LOL

Valeen said...

saudi arabia lobster breast daughter erotic story

LOL!! hahahaha! What in the hell were they really looking for? A sheik romance with a seafood fetish?

Jane said...

saudi arabia lobster breast daughter erotic story.

That is the best search phrase! I am off to google it.

Jenster said...

How do you check that out? I'd be interested to see how some people find me, too.


Tara Marie said...

Ames, Valeen and Jane, ...saudi arabia lobster breast daughter erotic story.

I didn't google it, I probably should have. Do lobster's have breasts?? Or is it the daughters breasts, but that really sounds wrong, yuck.--LOL. The whole things weird.

Tara Marie said...

Jen, do you have some sort of stat counter? If so log into whatever service you use and they probably offer a whole bunch of info you weren't aware of. Post what you discover.


Anonymous said...

Uh, excuse me!! Seduce lawn boy stories - where are they!?

how long is mom pregnant in hydras

Anyone else afraid? Or is this some sort of mythology I haven't read yet again.


Tara Marie said...

Cindy--LOL I agree some of this stuff is out there.