Sunday, December 10

Holiday Odds and Ends, this may get long--LOL

Things are getting more and more hectic the closer we get to Christmas. I know this isn't anything unique to us, but I figured since I haven't read anything in a few days, I've got to share something.

Friday Catholic schools were closed for a Holy Day. I took Junior and his best friend to see Santa. We met my SIL with her 2 kids at the Mall. The kids had a great time, which was good because my last nerve was worked during the car ride down. The plan was to see Santa and then have lunch. Well Santa's got a cushy schedule on Friday, doesn't start until noon. Well, Junior had to have a pretzel wrapped hot dog and lemonade, he started asking for this at 10:30, I put him off until 11:15. So if Junior was getting lemonade all the kids wanted it too. Then we headed to the food court for lunch. The last time we were there "Burger King" was a big hit. How is it possible that Burger King can't make it in a Mall Food Court? Finally we get to see Santa, and over priced pictures were taken. Afterwards my talented SIL won each of the kids stuff from those claw machines, she's really good, I on the other hand wouldn't have even attempted.

Now, you're probably wondering why I would take the Best Friend to see Santa? His folks were having a big Christmas Party on Saturday and since they were nice enough to take Junior the day before we entertained last week I thought it would be nice to reciprocate. Once we were back to our house things went great. The Best Friend stayed for dinner.

Saturday morning was basketball practice. When we got back we put our tree in the tree stand. I wanted to do this Friday night, but the smart husband pointed out that since the tree has been outside in a bucket of water it was probably safe to assume the water froze. We dragged it into the house to defrost, it still had a little bit of ice around the bark after sitting in the house all night. Once again we've picked out a tree that will be too big for the living room, but that's half the fun, right?

Saturday, big party day at the Best Friend's house, his mom asked if I could bring Junior early to keep the Best Friend occupied. I offered to have him to our house instead, but she thought it would be fine, it was.

So, here I had a couple of hours, the tree needed to settle after being tied up and I decided to run out and do some shopping while I had some free time. The husband decided to stay home and watch Band of Brothers on DVD, have I mentioned he's a smart man. Kohl's was having a two day sale and Junior needed pants for school (he's ruined all but 1 pair of uniform pants and that one isn't in great shape) and on outfit for the school Christmas show--it'll work for Christmas Day too. Found exactly what I needed 65% off, can you say thrifty?? My mom gave me my B'day present early, a gift card and I found 6 blouses/shirts on clearance for under $50. Hey I was on a roll, I still had time. I then went into AC Moore even though they didn't have any carts left, I still figured I could run in and out--what was I thinking? Once in there I figured I didn't need much and I had a 30% off everything coupon. Picked up wrapping paper, votive cups, candy molds, Thomas the Tank Engine stuff--Christmas gifts for Junior, they had very cool burnout velvet scarves for $6 each, I picked up 3 for gifts and now am kicking myself that I didn't get one for myself. And two cookbooks for $5 each, both for gifts.

I get back to the car and I think I'm doing great, by the time I get home we'll have 1/2 an hour to spare before having to head to the Christmas party. Yikes, I forgot my husband fixed the clock in my car and I'm running 1/2 an hour late, I thought it was odd that the sun was going down at 3:15 in the afternoon--LOL. The Hubby was about to send out a search party.

Thank goodness we weren't that late, we met some very nice people and Junior was an angel, thank you God. "He's so cute, well behaved and polite." What a good boy. Hey, it's two weeks before Christmas and Santa's watching.

Today it's breakfast with Santa at the Firehouse and decorating the tree. When we were on vacation during the summer we bought Junior a Lionel train set, technically this is Junior's but the train loving husband can't wait to put it under the tree.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the Christmas season as much as we are.


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CindyS said...

Yes, it sounds like you have this tiger by the tail! Glad that you had a great time with the kids AND were able to get some shopping done. I have to go to the mall and finish up but I'm in a bad sleep cycle. I know I can finish up the list in about 1/2 a day real time - I wonder what that will equate to in 'holiday' time ;) Hopefully we will have a tree by Wednesday!