Monday, December 4

Life's major reality checks...

Have you ever noticed that when you're about to whine about life's little annoyances something real hits home and you're smacked in the head with a major reality check.

I was all set to whine about my weekend, it wasn't horrible, but not great either.

After the Romance Readers Club I belonged to disbanded some of us have kept in touch with emails and occasional lunches or dinners. One of my bookclub friend's daughters was involved in a head on collision on her way to work, she drives a fuel efficient Honda (long commute) and was hit head on by a man driving an SUV, he fell asleep on his way home from work. The article in our paper said she was in "grave" condition.

Last night another bookclub friend called, but didn't leave a message, this threw me into a mini panic. I knew she wouldn't leave a message if something bad had happened and I vacillated about calling her back, not wanting to know. But I did call her back, she had just wanted to know if I knew about the accident and didn't want to leave a message in case I didn't know.

I emailed my friend last night to let her know we were all praying for her daughter and if she needed anything to let me know. She emailed me back this morning. The situation is worse than horrible. The driver's compartment collapsed around her, I can't even list all of her injuries, (a quote from her mom's email... She isn't in good enough shape to operate on but they did a 6 hour procedure to stabilize the fractures. She has hardware every where.) She's being airlifted to a larger trauma center today or tomorrow.

Instead of whining about my broken oven I'm asking my on-line friends to remember Britt in you're thoughts and prayers.


Jenster said...

Oh Tara! I'm so sorry and I will for sure keep her and her family in my prayers. That's the sort of thing that really puts things into perspective for us, isn't it.


Bookwormom said...

I will absolutely pray for her. Young people are remarkably resilient in more ways than one. Please keep us posted on her condition.

CindyS said...

I will hold her in my prayers.


Tara Marie said...

Ladies, thank you all.

She's been moved to a larger trauma center and they are going to start doing the surgeries to set all the broken bones--starting with her right foot, so badly broken that they're not sure they can save it, it'll be like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It'll take 2 months of surgeries to actually set and repair all the broken bones.

mom to 3 said...

sorry for your friend and her family and keeping her in my thoughts and it does make life's little setbacks so trivial, huh