Sunday, December 31

"Do they celebrate Harmonica?"

Our adorable son thinks our house is the "Jolliest" on the street. Which when he gets older will probably be code for "Mommy goes a little overboard." With a birthday at Christmas time you get a lot of Christmas themed gifts. I try to put out as much as I can.

We were at my parents yesterday. My brother and his wife (Hi Martha) came for a visit and Mom had everyone over for dinner. Mom does next to no Holiday decorating--a Nativity, wreaths on the doors and for the first time in years they lite up the little Pine tree in front of their house.

So Junior looks around Grandma's house and sees no real decorations and asks "Do they celebrate Harmonica?"

My husband did correct that to "Hannukah" and explain that no Grandma and Grandpa celebrate Christmas they just don't decorate their entire house--maybe I do go a little overboard--LOL.


Devonna said...

Ah, Junior is a cutie! Is he all healed up now from the burns?

Tara Marie said...

Devonna, his arm looks great, you'd never know he'd been burned.

nath said...

How sweet :D

martha said...

we have even fewer decorations up at our house...just a 4-foot prelit fake tree in the corner that I bought on sale at Kohl's a few days before Christmas. But we also do not celebrate "harmonica."

Tara Marie said...

Nath, he is sweet.

Martha, hey, at least you have a tree, Mom hasn't put up a tree in close to 15 years.

CindyS said...

What a cutie!

I was worried that we didn't Christmas up our house enough but the family was impressed by how many decorations I had up.

Now it's the taking stuff down that not fun.


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