Wednesday, September 21

Doing My Part

Well, my husband has often said I do my best to aid the economy on a regular basis. Of course, I did a lot more back when I worked outside of the house, but I admit, I'm no slouch.

Monday afternoon I picked up the October Romantic Times determined to do my best to avoid Regency romances (re: Wendy's last RTB blog.) Half of the historical reviews are for Regencies. If we want a more diverse selection in historical romance, we need to start buying romances set in different periods.

I picked out 9 historicals:
  1. It Happened One Autumn--Lisa Kleypas (Victorian)
  2. Temptress--Lisa Jackson (Medieval)
  3. One Knight Stand--Jocelyn Kelley (Medieval)
  4. The Trapper--Jenna Kernan (Western)
  5. Come Home for Christmas--Pat Prichard (Western)
  6. Kissing in the Dark--Wendy Lindstrom (1870's NYS)
  7. One Little Sin--Liz Carlyle (Regency)
  8. To Hot To Handle--Cheryl Holt (Regency)
  9. A Singular Lady--Megan Frampton (Trad. Regency)

All things considered not bad, only 3 Regencies--Liz Carlyle is an autobuy, I've already picked up the Holt (started it today, I'll blog about it tomorrow) and of course I have to get Megan's first book.

I'm also interested in:

  1. Bride Needs Groom--Wendy Markham (Contemporary)
  2. Wedding Survivor--Julia London (Contemporary)
  3. A Will to Love--Angie Daniels (Contemporary)
  4. Through a Crimson Veil--Patti O'Shea (New Reality-paranormal)
  5. Private Demons--Lynn Viehl (Paranormal)
  6. Courting Midnight--Emma Holly (Historical paranormal)
  7. A Capital Affair--Angela Winters (Romantic suspense)

I'll probably order most of these through my local UBS, they sell new books with a 10% discount. It's good to spread the wealth around--LOL.

Have a great night, and happy reading.

OMG, "recover post" really works, blogger dumped me out as I was posting this and it completely disappeared.

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Megan Frampton said...

Hey, thanks! I agree, I'm sick of the Regency, too, but mostly because a lot of people use it as wallpaper, and dilute its flavor so it's, um, flavorless. I can't wait to read the Liz Carlyle. I love her.