Friday, September 16

Grandmother Guilt

The other day I was talking to my mom on the phone when I got "I miss my grandson." Now, I almost pointed out it was only about 10 days since they had been over and that she's spoken with him on the phone, but I knew better. The 'I miss my grandson' comment came in the middle of her ranting about my dad's new car, at that point they hadn't picked it up--after picking it up she loves it and want to know why she can't use it everyday.

So the next day I call and ask them to come over this Saturday. She says "I'll get back to you."

"I'll get back to you." What the heck is that about? She pours on the Grandmother Guilt and then is going to get back to me.

Well, they're coming, but not going to stay for dinner. They're too busy.


Angela James said...

Josh called me two nights ago and says "my mom wants to know when you're going to bring Brianna over so she can play in her room" Uh-huh. Keep in mind, we live about 45 minutes away from them and getting her there is an exercise in planning and scheduling since she hates her carseat. On the other hand, we live in the place his parents come on a weekly basis to shop. We live in "town" But they visit about once every two weeks. Or less.

Grandmother guilt. Bah.

ReneeW said...

Grandmother Guilt is very effective. That's why my husband would pack up me and the kids in the car at Christmastime to drive over 3 mountain passes, through blizzards, and -30 degree (that's below zero) temperatures to visit his mother almost ever other year. They NEVER came out here at Christmas. Good thing I love my MIL so much.

Sam said...

Oh this is a timely post - I'm deep in granny guilt.
My MIL has been having eye problems and operations and can't drive anymore. I should pack up the kids and go visit her.
Only an hours drive.
Argh. Guilt!!