Thursday, September 22

Moaning and Groaning...

The next time I start to whine about the weather in NY someone please smack me in the head. OMG, I can suffer through a little heat, a little cold and an occasional Nor'easter without complaining.

Now on to the book whine, sorry, I promise it will be the last...

I'm trying to figure out why sometimes I love everything I'm reading and sometimes I nit pick the heck out of every book I open.

I'm currently on a nit picking binge. I'm back on track reading a book a day, but I'm not happy with anything I pick up.

Two questions:
  1. Am I the only person who can't seem to get passed the first chapter of Emma Holly's The Demon's Daughter? I keep telling myself the print is too small, even with my glasses and that's why I have a headache everytime I try to read it.
  2. Why do I torment myself by reading authors I know I don't like? I read a synopsis, it sound great, I love the story line, the premise, it should be great. And then the actual execution leaves me wanting to throw the book at the wall.

This is my last book whine. I started a book this morning that I know I'm going to like and will only post positive glowing blogs in the future--well, at least I'll try.--LOL.

Have a great day and happy reading.


meljean brook said...

I liked The Demon's Daughter, but I do know that many, many people had the same reaction -- difficult to get through it. I think it was at Smart Bitches (Sarah's review) where she mentioned that she couldn't even finish it, and the majority of the readers responding had the same problem.

So not just you :)

I end up reading authors I haven't had any luck with, either -- and I almost always kick myself for it.

Angela James said...

I was one of the people who couldn't finish it. I finally traded it away- was it you I traded it to? LMAO!

As for author's I don't like, I have yet to really like one Angela Knight book- which I know puts me in a minority- yet I continue to try her books. Why? Because people keep raving about them. I am dumb.

Tara Marie said...

I should have paid more attention to the buzz regarding TDD, and yes, Angie you passed it on to me, and I'll pass it on to someone else.

I actually am in the minority regarding Angela Knight too, I've tried several books, they're okay, but not great. I keep trying Cheryl Holt and get really annoyed when I don't enjoy her writing style, I should know better.

Bookwormom said...

You aren't in an Angela Knight minority, I've had trouble with her books too. Hubby likes her though. LOL

I've yet to browse through the Oct RT magazine, but you're 2nd list has several that sound good.

meljean brook said...
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meljean brook said...

Whoops. Agh, trying again.

Angela Knight is someone I keep reading because although she doesn't always work for me, there are times she really, really does. I'm about 50/50 with her, so I keep on buying :)

But even the ones that don't work perfectly for me are interesting in a way, so I don't end up losing out that much. Same with MaryJanice Davidson. Hit and miss for me on a story level, but never boring.