Wednesday, September 14

Finally Figured It Out

I have finally figured out why I'm not completely enthralled with vampire romances.

They're not scary enough. I want leave the light on at night, what was the noise, who's at the door, am I being followed HORROR. I want heart pounding fear. What we get is a watered down version with a HEA.

Can anyone recommend really scary vampire romances? This is what I'm really looking to read.

I woke up in the middle of the night (3:20 this morning) and finished reading Kerrelyn Sparks' How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire. Now, just by the title you know this isn't going to be scary, it's quirky, it's humorous, but it's not scary--not even the battle scene between vampires.

Heck, it's not supposed to be scary, but it left me tremendously dissatisfied.


She (the heroine) doesn't want to be a vampire, she wants the big house, white picket fence and big dog in the front yard. And, he (the hero) is going to give it to her, along with children that he will give her by altering donor sperm by adding his DNA, he's a scientist you know. Then what 50 years from now, she's dead, the children are getting old, his grandchildren will be having children. I know too much thinking, but this bugs me.

After finishing HTMAMV, I started Emma Holly's The Demon's Daughter, hopefully in addition to being erotic it will be a little scary.

Have a great day and happy reading.


McVane said...

There isn't one, I'm afraid. That's one of my major issues with vampire romances as well as paranormal romances *and* romantic suspense. I vaguely remember whining about lack of horror romances a while back. There are a couple of good Silhouette Shadows books that crept me out. Damn. It's a good topic. Total blogworthy. *headdesk* Why did you not bring this up last week, Tara?! :>

Wendy said...

I'm afraid Maili is right - if you're looking for horror, vampire romances are probably not going to fill the void.

That said, I personally prefer "angsty" vampire romances to the light and fluffy variety. Good angst vampire romances are THE COMPANION by Susan Squires and NIGHT FIRES by Karen Harbaugh.....

Tara Marie said...

Maili--the first Silhouette Shadows that comes to mind is "Something Beautiful"--isn't that the title--great good versus evil book.

You need to start a list of blogworthy topics and save them for when you come back.

Wendy--angst is good, but horror would be better--LOL. I actually liked "The Companion" and a few others that have the angst thing going on.