Tuesday, September 13

Love at First Sight...

The working title for this is really "Love At First Sight Or Maybe Sometime In The First Week Or So". This seemed a little long and convoluted, so I cut it down.

Over the weekend I finished Meg Cabot's Every Boy's Got One. It was a fun little piece of chick lit?!? fluff. I guess it's Chick Lit--it's got on of those Avon Trade purse logos, you know the one with the ... "Because every great bag deserves a great book!" Which I always find a little odd because trade size paperbacks never fit in great stylish little bags, but I'm digressing and by digressing I'm starting to feel like the heroine from this book. Ditzy.

Like Boy Meets Girl this whole book is written through emails, journal entries, PDA posts and a couple of telegrams--I still think it's cleverly done, but it may start to wear thin after awhile .

Jane and Cal have been invited to help their best friends elope to Italy. Sounds like a great trip to me, but Jane is a bubbly, happy comic strip creator and Cal is a cynical, world weary, overseas journalist. Jane is thrilled about the wedding and Cal wants his friend to run in the other direction. Somehow these two fall in love in a week. Mrs G has an incredibly accurate review of this book.

After reading this I was left scratching my head wondering if it is actually possible to fall in love this quickly. They seemed to have nothing in common, and didn't even seem to like one another through a good portion of the book, but many romance has hero and heroines at logger heads, I'm not really sure why this didn't work completely for me.

But, let's get back the title of this post. Love at first sight, the cynical part of me was thinking this doesn't really happen, and then I had to smack myself in the head. I know for a fact this happens, okay not at "first sight" but definitely first dance. My Mom and Dad met at an April Fools Church dance in Brooklyn, NY in 1962. My mom knew after one dance that my dad was going to be the father of her children--one dance, I'm always amazed by that, she was right. They got married the following February, 3 kids and 43 years later they are still happily married. Well, kind of happily married. Right now Mom is mad at Dad for buying a new car, she's retiring in 4 months and doesn't think they need two cars now, of course, she's not real happy with me right now. Instead of telling her she's completely right to be mad, I told her to sell her car after she retires and then they'll only have one car again. She didn't like having it pointed out that when we were little and only had one car she hated being house bound. We moved out of Brooklyn when I was 9 and my Dad's work schedule didn't coincide with commuter train or bus schedules, of course the woman didn't learn to drive until she was 37 and we didn't need 2 cars. Now I really feel like Jane and have completely gone off topic--LOL.

So, all of this is to say--"love at first sight or maybe sometime in the first week or so" can happen, but for some reason in this book, it didn't work for me. And, what's with the title "Every Boy's Got One"? Got one what? We never get to see Cal's, though there are a few suggestions about size.

Have a great day, and happy reading.


ReneeW said...

Great comments on this book. I have wanted to try Meg Cabot but really, I don't think they're my style. I'm not crazy about chicklit and I loathe ditzy heroines so I'll pass. I noticed the AAR Aid for Cabot books have the largest bids so she must have a HUGE following. BTW, loved the story of your mom and dad :)

Giselle said...

OT- I just got the book you sent me today and wanted to say thank you! You're such a sweetheart :)