Sunday, September 4

A Quickie

This morning I was running late and was getting out of the shower while my husband got Junior dressed for church. We were so late I didn't have time to redress the child. So he went to church in blue jeans with a hole in the knee, Wiggles sandals and a Notre Dame Basketball tee shirt with the sleeves cut off. He dresses better for the playground--LOL.

Next week I'm laying out the clothing the Saturday night.

Have a good one.



Sam said...

I sort of remember Jesus walking around in a skimpy loin cloth and broken sandals.


I remember my mother dressing my sister and me in identical hats for church one whole summer. We had these cunning little hats with daisies sewn on the brim. I can't remember our clothes - but those hats stuck in my mind.

Anne E. said...

One of the things I have liked about the Roman Catholic church is that you can go dressed in just about anything that covers you & no one cares! When I was still married my husband and I missed the Easter service at our local Episcopal church, so at my insistance we went to the closest Catholic Church. There was a young lady (20ish) sitting in front of us spilling out of a dress that was about the size of a dinner napkin. I thought I was going to have to call the EMTs for my now-ex! He remarked later that he never expected to see a dress like that in a church (that was his story, anyway, LOL).

Tara Marie said...

Sam--my sister and I had matching flower wreath's with long ribbons, that matched the long sleevless dresses we wore.

Anne--nothing shocks me on Easter Sunday, all the twice a year Catholics (Easter and Christmas) come out of the woodwork, and I've seen some interesting outfits myself.

Anne E. said...

T. Marie, I finally got the hang of how to post a picture on my blog but have only been able to post within a message. How do you get your pictures on the side bar area under About Me?

Jill Monroe said...

LOL on the story of the dh dressing Junior. One time I was running late for church so I put the clothes out while I hopped into the shower. I didn't realize until we got to church that the dh had put the top on backwards. To a man, the buttons go on the front - and that's how he dressed her - nevermind that lace and a bow were now on her back ; )