Monday, March 21

Do all Contemporary Romances stink?

I've been on a contemporary romance kick. Not romantic suspense but straight CR. And, I don't know why. I'm not enjoying them, I can't even say I've read a decent one since I started this kick.

I've read 10 contemporary romances this month. They all try to be funny, but often fall short of even being amusing. And the story lines are incredibly unrealistic, which doesn't necessarily bother me as long as I like the characters and to be honest I only need to like the hero. But, in most cases the story is the "heroines" and she is either too boring or too "out there" for me to care about her inner most thoughts.

I'm done complaining. I'm sure it's just been a string of not so good books. Why can't Susan Elizabeth Phillips write faster? Maybe instead of reading the next book on my TBR pile I'll re-read Mr. Impossible. I know I'll like that one. Or maybe a Linda Howard, or ...


Bookwormom said...

Hi Tara! Glad you decided to blog, it'll be fun to share thoughts. & kid stories. Which contemps have you read that seem so shallow? Just so I can avoid them, you understand! Amanda

erika72 said...

Hey, I'm waiting for SEP's next book too! When I learned it was a continuation of the football series I was like YES! I hope there's lots of romance and no suspense.

Sam said...

Hi There!
I have Mr. Impossible on my TBR pile - it looks great.
Otherwise I'm reading Scandelous Spirits by CJ Scott and it's very cute. (paranormal)
I haven't read any terrific contemporary romances letely either - must be a slump!

Tara Marie said...

hey Amanda, I'll give the authors. I made the mistake of actually buying several of each author. There are too many titles to list.

Carly Phillips--"Simply" series
Linda Francis Lee--also "Simply" series
Suzanne MacPherson

But of course after complaining yesterday, I read a really good one last night. I'm going to start a new thread for that one.