Monday, March 21

I don't need underpants...

This is what my son announced in the restroom (we are still "bathroom browsing" every restroom we can find) of our favorite supermarket (which isn't really a supermarket, more a really large gourmet shop).

When I told him of course he needs to wear them, everybody does, he told me "Daddy doesn't wear them". The lady in the next stall snorted rather loudly and I ushered the boy out of the bathroom as fast as I could.

My husband will be getting a lecture later.


Jenster said...

Oh to be a fly on that wall! I would love to hear the lecture. :o)

Tara Marie said...


If my husband wants to go commando that's his choice, it doesn't bother me--Jr. probably shouldn't know about it though.

Why is it that kids announce things like this at the most inopportune momment. Their timing is always amazing.

He also announced to everyone in the store that he was being a really good boy, which he was considering he was pushing the mini cart and managed not to hit anyone. I got several looks for that comment too. I'm hoping they were agreeing with him.