Friday, March 25


I'm really good at this.

Right now I should be getting ready for Easter. We're going to my MIL's. Which is a good thing because last year we had it and it caused a riot with one of my SILs, but that's a different story and I wont go there--lol.

I've got little Easter gifts to put together for the nieces and nephew, not to mention my son's from us and the "Easter Bunny". I need to put the prizes in the Easter eggs for the egg hunt, I need to bake cookies and color eggs for the kids and I need to run to the store to pick up fruit for the cheese and fruit platter I'm doing (I think I'll get my husband to do this on his way home from work).

I should be doing laundry and making the beds and the house really needs vacuuming.

But, here I am playing on the computer instead. I guess I'll start with the beds and vacuuming and see where I go from there.

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Tara Marie said...

Well, I got everything except the laundry done, and I have so much of that I think I'll head to the laundramat tomorrow instead of being tied to my machine for the next two days.

I even got some reading in.