Thursday, March 31

My son dressed himself today...

1. He's not wearing underpants (he doesn't think he ever needs underpants, see archive for info--lol).
2. He's got on camouflage sweat pants and an orange stripped shirt.
3. He's wearing winter boots without socks.
4. He's wearing an Orange County Chopper's black ball cap.

Not bad if he's going to be in a Jeff Foxworthy "You know you're a redneck when..." video.


Bookwormom said...

What is it about males & underwear?! LOL :)

Happy to hear about your kitchen & bath remodel. If you can, post photos when you're finished.

I'm flattered you've linked to my little (literally) blog. After this week, I hope to really get the show on the road, so to speak.

I believe the code to post hyperlinks is in the help section under templates (I think). I came across the info very late a few nights ago, but forgot to mark the spot- so to speak. :)

What did you read today?


Tara Marie said...

Hey Amanda,

Last night (actually this morning) I finished Hanging on by a Thread by Karen Templeton, and I just finished a "blog" about it. I've discovered "Chick Lit" and guess what, I'll be hitting the UBS this afternoon.

Are you actually reading a romance or did you go back to mystery??