Thursday, March 31

March's Reading List

Over at the Romantic Times' Readers Roundtable there is a TBR challenge to bring down the number of books on our TBR piles (of course, I'm a total failure at this, not because I don't read the number of books I've pledged, but because I'm constantly buying new books.)

Here are the books I read this month with their grades (they're in the order that I read them)...

A Man in a Kilt by Sandy Blair -- B-
A Rogue in a Kilt by Sandy Blair -- B-
Sinfully Sexy by Linda Francis Lee -- C-
Simply Sexy by Linda Francis Lee -- C-
Mercy by Julie Garwood -- B
Murder List by Julie Garwood -- B
6 of the Brother Cadfael books by Ellis Peters -- A All of these books were really good, but there are too many to actually list, and I'm reading them all out of order since I'm buying them when I can find them.
Talk of the Town by Suzanne MacPherson -- C-/D I couldn't really decide on a grade, I can't decide if it was horrible or just not very good.
Flirting With Danger by Suzanne Enoch -- B+
In The Mood by Suzanne MacPherson -- C-
Simply...Sinful, Sensual, Scandalous by Carly Phillips -- C- for all three books.
Short and Tall Tales (Moose County Legends...) by Lillian Jackson Braun -- A A delightful collection of really short stories and tall tales.
Wanting What You Get by Kathy Love -- B+
*Fool For Love by Eloisa James -- A
The Rainbow Season by Lisa Gregorey -- A
A Wild Pursuit by Eloisa James -- A this is actually a reread, but after reading Fool For love I thought it deserved a read.
Hanging on by a Thread by Karen Templeton -- B+

*There are actually two more books that I attempted to read before I read Fool for Love--The Perfect Seduction by Leslie LaFoy, for some reason I couldn't get into this book, I read about half of it and decided to put it aside for another try. It came highly recommended so I must be missing something. I then picked up Edith Layton's To Tempt a Bride and the heroine was so annoying in the first 2 chapters I couldn't take anymore, but I've decided to give it another try, the heroine can only get better--lol.

Grading Scale:
A+/A/A- -- Thoroughly enjoyable read and the story stays with you.
B+/B -- Good solid story.
B- -- Good story, enjoyable while your reading, but somewhat forgetable.
C/C- -- Not horrible, but not really good either.
D -- Horrible.
F -- Unreadably horrible.


Mary Stella said...

Wow! I can't believe you read so many books in a month, Tara! You're a blessing to authors.

Tara Marie said...

Hi Mary--this was a particularly good month, most months it's 12-15 books.