Monday, March 28

Hi, my name is Tara and I'm a bookaholic

I never hesitate to admit I'm a bookaholic, for me this is a three-pronged disorder.

1. I'm never without a book, I've got them stashed everywhere. When my son was in diapers I even kept a couple in the diaper bag. I keep some in the car, there's a basket full of books in my bedroom, boxes of them in my home office and my husband turned our enclosed back porch into a library, where I keep the paperback "keepers", somehow the "keepers" number close to a thousand (is that possible?).

2. I can't walk past a bookstore without going in and buying something. I try to make weekly trips to the UBS (where I have managed to reduce my credit from over an unmanageable $1000 to a much more manageable $750--it's frightening to admit I've not only read that many books, but somehow managed to get them packed up and out of the house.

3. I normally can't go a day without reading. On a daily basis I probably don't go 10 hours without reading (it's probably closer to 8 hours, 6-7 of those hours are at night sleeping).

Well, as I type this, I am in book withdrawal. I haven't read a book in 3 days. Yes, it's been 3 painful days without cracking a book (though I never actually crack my bindings--it's sacrilegious).

I have somehow filled my TBR pile with books I am no longer interested in. Books that were recommended on different boards, but when I started to read them I went "oh, no, no, this wasn't what I expected." Books with great covers and blurbs, but when I start to read them, they have no substance.

I'm in a rut, a huge ugly rut. I guess this means tomorrow I'll make another trek to the UBS and hopefully bring down that credit a little more and find something that will hold my pathetic attention span.

Hi, my name is Tara and I'm a bookaholic.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tara. i just found your site through romantic times message board. I read your blog here and I am so happy that there is someone out there just like me. I am also a stay at home mom (3 boys)and I read every second I can. I make up excuses just so I can read. Such as the usual I have to go the bathroom, or It's lunchtime. I am a book addict, and have been since my earliest recollection. My mother said I was born with a book in my hand and I've never been seen without one. I too carry books in my car, purse, laundry basket, you name it. I have books in every room of my house, whether I'm reading them or not. I just like to see them laying around. I wish I had a library to store my 2,200 books but there is no place. I told my husband that when our youngest is gone, his room is mine, all mine.(seeing as he is only 4, I have awhile to wait, but I will plan)I currently keep my books packed neatly and efficiently away in my attic(37 boxes and counting)My husband threatens to have a nice bonfire some night when I'm gone. I have several UBS that I frequent at least once a week. Borders is the closest book store to me, but I prefer Walden Books for new releases. I do buy at least two-three books a week and my TBR pile is well into the hundreds, and like you, I have lots of books that will never be read because they hold no interest for me. I sometimes wonder what I was thinking when I bought some of these books. My books are kept in pristine condition. I don't dog-ear, write, mark or try not to chip the covers. My spines are like new. When I go into a bookstore, I am instantly high on the smell alone. I can kill 5-6 hours in a book store and not even realize it(until I get home and my husband has the bonfire ready) Fortunately, this does not happen often. Seldom really. I usually have one, two or all three of my kids with me, so time is very short in a bookstore. I am very proud to say, however that all 3 like to read and will find books to read while I am looking. I am mostly into historical romances. I like to be swept away into other times, and I have always been a history buff. I read pretty much anything, but that is my favorite genre. I also love horror, preferably with a supernatural element. Stephen King is my favorite author, but I also love Rosanne Bittner, Rebecca Brndewyne, Katherine Sutcliffe and Maggie Osborne. I actually have too many authors to list, but those are some of the ones I am currently reading. Well, I need to go but this is a great site and I'll be back. I don't have a site for any reason, but I would like to have a site to list my books that I plan to sell/trade. My cousin does this and I plan to get him over to help me set up a webpage. If you'd like to email me for a list or books you're interested in, my email is send me your list and I'll let you know if I have any. Keep blogging--christy

Tara Marie said...

Christy, I'm glad you popped over from RT. I love discovering other people like me addicted not only to readind, but books.

If your interested in selling books before you actually get a website going, you should try I've been selling over there off and on for a couple of years (I got rid of a ton of books that way and it's kept my in book money).

To be honest I would love to start my own website, but it's a big step, and right now I'm really enjoying blogging.

Come back and visit again.

Jenster said...

Just wait, Tara. When your son starts school you can add another prong onto your list - that being book fairs at the school. I worked at the middle school book fair yesterday and I thought I was going to die with wanting about half the books that were there! lol

Tara Marie said...

Jenster, the bookaholic thing, it's a little frightening--lol. Check out the "you know your a bookaholic..." someone posted on today's (3/30) blog (Guess what...) I can honestly admit to qualifying for to many on the list.