Friday, March 25

Nit Picking

I have a tendency to pick apart books I'm not enjoying, especially contemporaries. Having said that, it may be the chicken and the egg thing. Am I picking apart the book because I'm not enjoying it or am I not enjoying it because I'm nit picking it to death.

I don't read many historicals set here in the States. I'm not a history fanatic, but my husband is, and after a while this starts to rub off. If I'm enjoying a books characters, story line, plot... I usually can and do overlook historical inaccuracies. But, if the book isn't working on different levels, I just start to pick and the flaws become glaring.

I prefer historicals set in other places, England, Egypt, Australia etc. My knowledge of their histories is some what lacking (of course, if the author has the Battle of Hastings set in 1076, I know that's a mistake). And sometimes I'll go and research something I find interesting. The funny thing is I like the details, if they're wrong I don't know it--lol.

But, contemporaries are different. Obviously, I live in the here and now, and mistakes become glaring. I hate thinking who speaks like that... or who the heck would say that... or is this even remotely believable. And what's absolutely killer for me--when something is supposed to be funny and not only falls flat, but seems juvenile or just plain stupid. And please, I hate ethnic stereotypes--not every Italian American hero or heroine has to sound like one of the Sopranos.

Nit picking, one really bad habit I need to stop.


Mary Stella said...

Tara, there's nit-picking and then there's being a discriminating reader. You know what you like and you expect it in the books your spend your money to buy. Hopefully, we as authors will surpass your expectations. :-) I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for linking to mine!

Tara Marie said...

Mary, I like to think I'm discriminating, but sometimes I think I'm simply a pain in the, well, you know.