Friday, April 1

Catching up with the rest of the reading world...

It usually takes me a while, but I eventually catch up with what's hot.

Yesterday, I discovered Chick Lit. I hate to admit it, but I've never read Bridget Jones' Diary. I know, what planet am I living on. Last night I inhaled Karen Templeton's Hanging by a Thread, and I absolutely enjoyed it. But, with the discovery of Chick Lit, I realized what I'm not enjoying about newer contemporary romances.

It seems to me, some contemporary romance writers are trying too hard to write a cross between chick lit and romance. Last month I read several contemporaries that seemed to be trying to hit a mark somewhere between boy meets girl with a HEA and the hipness Sex in the City and for me every single book missed the mark. Perhaps it's just me, but until I read HBAT I wasn't getting it.

Hanging by a Thread isn't perfect, there are a few times that you realize Ms. Templeton isn't a New Yorker, though she did live there for several years, but the story rings true and moves along quickly and the characters are fully developed and realistic. It was a good book.

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Bookwormom said...

You might try Jennifer Weiner, my DH has bought me a few of hers & I've enjoyed them. Also, Marian Keyes. I do enjoy chick lit, but don't pick it up very often. Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by Patterson is excellent too- even if it did make me cry. :P My DH bought it for Valentine's last year.

As for myself, I'm going to try to read Greek God at the Ladies' Club. I've unearthed several mythology related contemps from my various shelves. Hopefully they'll be light enough to keep me going this weekend. I'm still coming out of the fog after last week though.

Have a great weekend!