Friday, April 29

Petey Cat, odd thoughts and a good book...

Petey Cat likes the new sink.

Twenty pounds of not too smart cat, but he's the sweetest, most lovable, big baby.

Four questions:

  1. Can anyone explain how the screw on the handle of a pot loosens while it's sitting on the drain board? I have two pots this happens to, it just seems rather odd.
  2. Do I really need 20 tablecloths for my dining room table?
  3. Why can't my husband put anything into the sink or the garbage pail? Everything seems to make it within a couple of feet of the destination, but somehow things end up either on the counter or table.
  4. Why does my husband complain about junk being on the kitchen table, when he puts it there? We've got an old farmhouse table that we use like counter space (the house is old and we've not renovated the kitchen yet and to be honest, I like the look of the table, but I digress--LOL). Every morning the table starts out nice and clean, then he gets home from work and what ends up on the table...his lunch box, the mail, his dirty travel coffee cup, his damned pepper plants (which can't stay out at night yet--too cold) you see a trend here?

Two reasons why I probably shouldn't complain:

  1. Our home office usually is in need of organizing. It's really an oversized closet, shelves of books, shelves of linen, an extra dresser and the dirty clothes hampers (one for whites and one for darks). But, I can close the door and not look at it--I can't do that with the kitchen table.
  2. I've been to My Husbands Crap. And, I can honestly say it's not that bad--LOL.
I finished Kiss Me While I Sleep while the President was on last night. I didn't expect to like this book, which would be a first because I love Linda Howard, normally I wouldn't be willing to wait for a LH to come out in paperback, but I wasn't too sure about this one. I was pleasantly surprised. I've read other romantic suspense's with heroines that are assassins or hit "men" and I've not liked them. LH was able to make Lily sympathetic enough and Lucas, while being an alpha, he wasn't over the top.

Off to the garage today for an oil change and an inspection, so I've got to go...

Have a great day, happy reading.


Bookwormom said...

ROTFL about the My Husband's Crap website! Why do some men think the wife is either a)the maid or b) the mom & in either case expects someone else to pick up his crap for him?!

LOL At my house DH feels free to dump his shite anywhere he pleases, but heaven help the kids if they do the same!

Angry Woman said...

And I thought I was messy until I looked at My Husband's Crap! I almost fell off my chair laughing at all that stuff. But my husband is just as guilty of dumping stuff all around the house, especially his clothes and of course, he has the nerve to b***h and moan if I leave my coat on the sofa, lol.

Petey is just too cute!


Kristie (J) said...

"Can anyone explain how the screw on the handle of a pot loosens while it's sitting on the drain board? I have two pots this happens to, it just seems rather odd."

I can't explain it, but I have one of those too. Every time I go to use it, it's loose. I tighten it and when I go to use it again, it mysteriously become loose again. Must be the kitchen elves that show up when everyone is asleep. They are related to dryer elves that somehow manage to take socks out of the dryer when it's still running.

Tara Marie said...

Amanda--I'm trying hard to train my son, but genetically it may be hopeless.

Amy--Petey is a cutie, and he's really good with kids. He lets them manhandle him, rare for a cat.

Kristie--I figured it was a kitchen gremlin or some sort of troll.

Anne E. said...

Oh the sweet kitty! We had a cat ("Norton") who loved to sleep in the sink.Norton was a rescue cat, abandoned as a new-born with his littermates in an apartment house carport. The entire litter had been placed in a plastic bucket with the lid on it. If it hadn't been for some little children playing in the carports, and a kind lady who bottle fed the baby kitties around the clock for days, we would have missed the "best kitty pal in the whole world!" Norton joined his ancestors a few years ago -- gone but not forgotten. Thanks for sharing the picture!

Tara Marie said...

Anne--I had a "Norton"--my first cat after we were married. I still miss him, and he's been gone 10 years. As big and loveable as Petey Cat, but the smartest cat I've ever seen. Could open doorknobs and turn on lights.