Wednesday, April 13

Cannibalized Gas Grills and my climbing son...

This week our town has "junk" pick-up. We've dutifully placed all our junk to the curb in front of our house. Last year we had pick-up the week of Mother's Day and boy did the town get a ton of complaints.

One of the the pieces of "junk" we put out was our old gas grill. Well, it turns out someone is cannibalizing any and all gas grills that have been put out for pick-up. The only thing they leave is the stand. What the heck are they doing with this stuff??

My sister wants to know how so many people in one small town can have such ugly sofas. It seems like every third house has put out an old sofa, couch, love seat or recliner. All these things have the look of the 80's, which might explain my sister's ugly sofa comment--lol.

While I was vacuuming this morning, I thought my son was watching The Wiggles, but no, he somehow managed to get a stool out of the home office climbed up to the top shelf in the bathroom and got out the Clorox Cleanup. Somehow he has managed to spray my husbands pillows, our bedroom window and an antique mirror, and the closet door in my bedroom. The paint on the mirror and the closet are ruined, this stuff ate right through the paint and left spots in the paint. It's going to be a great day. I'm thankful he didn't get anything in his eyes or mouth.

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