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I'm half way through this book, it has a Beta hero. I normally prefer Alphas, but the storyline and plot doesn't require an Alpha. I'm finding as I'm reading I know exactly where the story is going, it's very, very predictable.

I'm curious, why when the heroine is a widow, the dead husband has to be an evil cad?

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Anne E. said...

Hi,Tara. I have wondered about that as well. If he wasn't a cad, he was a bumbler in the bedroom! I think that is part of the romance novel conventions regarding "one great love." As you know, from the posts on the RT boards, some ladies object to multiple partners within a book (Bertrice Small is one that usually raises hackles), and I think the dead-husband-as-cad-or-bumbler is part of that whole convention. Notice that convention doesn't always apply to a widowed man! The widower often has had a wonderfully sexy relationship with his first wife, whom he loved madly (thinking of Alexander Cameron and his handfast wife as I'm writing this, since I am still rereading "The Blood of Roses").