Saturday, April 16

I'm supposed to be resting...

I was supposed to spend the day "resting". Is this actually possible?

My BIL showed up before 9 am to install the new sink in our bathroom (absolutely thrilled with it--looks great). My husband finished putting down the sub floor and dragged me out to Lowes and Home Depot to pick out flooring. Junior fell asleep on the way, so my DH had to carry him around both stores. While in the car I did get to finish the new Lorraine Heath (for some reason I am completely incapable of remembering the title of this book--lol.)

I wanted to curl up on the couch and finish Melissa Bank's The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, I started this last night because I couldn't find the Heath (I'd left it in the car--found it on the way to Lowes). My son decided to help himself to my raspberry Crystal Lite and poured the entire pitcher all over the kitchen floor, what a sticky mess (my DH was supposed to be keeping an eye on Junior--hopeless I know.) I guess my husband could have cleaned it up, but I figured I'd do a better job--didn't want to stick to the kitchen floor.

It's almost time for Junior to go to bed, he's all ready; we're just waiting for darkness, boy do we need room darkening shades for his room, especially before summer and those wonderful nights when the sun doesn't set until close to 9 pm.

I'm going to try to get some reading in before I fall asleep.

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Bookwormom said...

It is completely impossible to "rest" while children & husbands are home. Thus the erroneous belief that mother's never get sick.

We do get sick- but all attempts to "rest" are interrupted by "emergencies" & other urgent problems that absolutley require your immediate attention.

Needless to say, Feel better soon!