Tuesday, April 26

Reading Binge Over

Well, my reading binge is over, not by choice, but rather necessity. I'm half way through the new Connie Brockway--excellent so far.

School day, means errand day.

8:45 pick up Michael

9:00 drop boys off at nursery school

9:05-11:15 :

  1. Stop at the bank
  2. Stop at Post Office
  3. Get gas
  4. Drop clothing at church thrift shop
  5. Drop toys at animal shelter thrift shop
  6. shopping--card store
11:30 pick up boys at school

So, does everyone think I can do it? Why go to 2 thrift shops. My dad shops for toys at the church thrift shop, when my son is done playing with them, or I am completely over run by toys I drop them off at the animal shelter thrift shop, so my dad isn't buying the same toys over and over.

If time is tight, I'll go to the card store on Thursday. May is a busy month for our families. I had to make a list to keep track of all the cards and gifts we need.
  • 1 Communion Card--1 gift
  • 5 Birthday Cards--4 gifts
  • 5 Anniversary Cards--2 gifts
  • 7 Mothers Day Cards--4 gifts

And, for some reason in the middle of all this chaos, my husband decided we're going on a mini vacation right smack in the middle of the month. We're taking our little guy to Strasburg, PA--Train USA. Our son is a train fanatic, absolutely loves the "Thomas the Tank Engine" series and anything remotely related to trains.

Got to go or we will be late for school.

Have a great day, happy reading.


Bookwormom said...

HOpe you managed to finish all your errands, Tara! Sounds like quite an action packed day.

May at your place sounds like January here- more birthdays & anniversaries than my budget & schedule can cope with.

Tara Marie said...

Not only did I get everything done, I made it back with 1/2 an hour to spare and got to see the kids playing outside--nothing better than seeing 45 3 year olds having FUN. It amazes me how 6 teachers can handle that many kids, but somehow they keep them all in line.

For us December is even worse than May. In addition to Christmas we have 5 birthdays and 2 anniversaries.