Tuesday, April 19

A Quickie

I don't have much time this morning (school day), so this is going to be quick. At the end of her newest blog Amanda says something I totally agree with ( Bookwormom ). When I'm reading other genre's I often feel like "Boy,a little romance would have made it even better." I guess that's proof I'm really hooked on romance-LOL. Pathetic, I know.

Yesterday I finished Melissa Banks The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing (chick lit), from the reviews I read I was expecting something fantastic. It was good, but it wasn't outrageously good. Oh, well, I'm moving on to 3 romantic suspense, 2 Christina Dodd's (Almost Like Being in Love and Close to You.) After that is Kathleen Nance's Jigsaw.

Also, check out Rosario's column over at RTB. I can totally relate to what she is talking about. I have several books that are keepers that have other scratching their heads, because they are so politically incorrect, but there is something by the end that makes me believe in the couples HAE, that make the books work for me.

Have a great day and happy reading.

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