Friday, April 8

Mommy Days

I have to start this by saying "I'm not complaining," but there are days that being a stay-at-home incompasses everything I do. I love being home full time.

Tuesdays and Thursdays my little guy goes to school in the morning. You would think this would give me a couple of hours "free". Nope, it never seems to work that way. For some reason I manage to stuff those 2 hours full of errands. Sometimes I get back to the school to pick him up and have a small amount of "reading time". Yesterday wasn't one of those days. I ran home cleaned out toy boxes, filled up bags for Goodwill, dropped them off and got back just in time to pick up Junior. After lunch we went to the park (playground) with several other families from his school and didn't get home until dinner time. By the time we cleaned up, not only was Junior ready for bed, so was I.

All of this is to say... I did absolutely no reading yesterday, not by choice, but rather by circumstance. I guess some days are like this.

My husband found a funky website, check this out: Hasidic Reggae. Someone my husband works with saw him on "The Jimmy Kimmel Show." A bunch of them from work really liked his "sound" and they're going to try to see one of his shows.

My little one is taking a nap, so I might just find some reading time. Have a great day.

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