Wednesday, April 27

Let Down Ahead

My son must have had a bad dream about Goldfish, not the actual fish, but rather those cheesy, cracker snacks shaped like goldfish. He showed up in our room at 4 am mad that I had thrown them out. After tucking him into our bed, I headed to his with my copy of Connie Brockway's My Surrender, determined to finish it before I had to get up for our morning rituals.

Well, I finished it and it was worth getting up before the crack of dawn. For me it was by far the best of the "Rose Hunter Trilogy". I'm a lousy at writing reviews, so I'll leave that to the people who are good at it. This is the last Brockway historical for a while, which disappoints me as she is one of my favorite writers and my list of favorite historical writers is seriously dwindling.

I feel a let down coming. I've now glommed the last of the books on my TBR pile that hold any interest for me, in fact I'm seriously thinking about retiring what's left on the pile and starting fresh. My mom gave me a Daniel Silva book, it seems like the only book I've left worth reading and I'm not in the mood for a suspense. I'm in serious trouble here.

Over the years, I've read equal quantities of contemporaries and historicals, I honestly prefer historicals, when I look at my keeper shelves for every contemporary I probably have 10 historicals.

Though I read all different eras, medieval and Regency periods have been my "favorites" for several years.

I love medievals, but what happened to them, when I went searching for reviews of new ones over at AAR there are only 3 medievals reviewed in the last month. I realize that the "industry" is rather cyclical, but how long are we going to wait for medievals to be back in "style". With so many authors going over to contemporaries or writing "Regencies" will they every be back and popular. I'm sure fans of westerns feel the same way.

My love of the Regency period has seriously waned. Over the last couple of years there has been such a glut of them that unless the book is outstanding it becomes rather run of the mill. So many characters and story lines are interchangeable that the books have become boring. Don't get me wrong there are and will always be authors that can keep this period fresh (Eloisa James is the first that comes to my mind). But, I bet we can all name a few authors we wish would try something new.

I just realized, I'm back on a soap box and who needs that.

Check out Maili's column over at Romancing The Blog, she's commenting on the over abundance of "good" reviews and why this hurts the reader, writer and industry in general.

Now, I really am done.

Have a great day and happy reading.

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Bookwormom said...

Your comments about Regencies have struck a chord with me. Perhaps I will pull out an historical from a different period & try that...Hope you can find something to keep you going!