Saturday, May 13

Drive By Blogging and Happy Mother's Day

Once again it's the weekend and we're busy doing the family thing. Which is probably a good thing because to quote my son, "I got NOTHIN!!" After all that ARC stuff, my brain has seized and I'm left kind of empty headed.

Just in case I don't get on tomorrow morning, I want to wish all the Mom's out there...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Hopefully everyone has exciting plans. We're going to dinner with my side of the family tonight, it's also a birthday dinner for my sister. Tomorrow my husband gets to barbeque at his parents for his side. He does the cooking to avoid riots between my MIL and FIL, for some reason they make each other crazy when it comes to cooking outside.

I did finish 2 books in the last few days. Elizabeth Thorton's The Bachelor Trap which was okay, and Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare which was good, but not great.

Got to go, Junior's in the shower and the last thing I need is a flooded bathroom.

Have a great weekend and happy reading.



Avid Reader said...



Megan Frampton said...

Happy Mother's Day, I hope your day was lovely.

I got lots of love from my little guy today, that was nice.

Maili said...

Happy Mother's Day, mite. :D You must tell us stories about your FIL and MIL's outdoors cooking wars some day. It will at least make me feel better about Will's misadventures. :D

Tara Marie said...

Ladies, thanks for the Mother's Day good wishes.

Maili, every dinner hour with my in-laws is affectionately called "The Pete and Carol Hour". They bicker continually through the preperation and meal, if your not used to it, it would give you major indigestion.

Sam said...

Happy Mommy's Day!!!
(a little late but my allergy medicine is making me feel like I'm living about a day or two behind everyone else, lol)

Tara Marie said...

Sam, I soooo know the feeling of being a day or two behind--LOL.

I saw your post with the baby picture, how adorable!!