Tuesday, May 2

Snarky, Smug, Sarcastic, Obnoxious, Toad

I've come up with more nicknames for myself.

In a way, I live in my own little world. And, to be honest, I like it that way. I don't hide the covers of my books--I read romance, you don't like that? That's your problem, it shows your narrowmindedness (if this isn't a word, it should be) not mine.

Why do we crave validation? Not only in the reading of romance but what authors we read or choose not to read? I understand why we do it with books and authors we love, it makes us feel good when other people read what we've loved and it give us something in common, a bond that we can talk about enthusiastically. Rabid fangirls have a tendency to take this to the extreme, and as long as it doesn't effect me and what I read, I shouldn't care.

I realized this morning I take perverse pleasure in seeing someone agree with me when it comes to authors I don't like, especially authors with rabid fangirl followings. I guess this is the snarky, smug, sarcastic, obnoxious toad in me. It's a bit of a relief that I'm admitting this, kind of like going to confession. I've become rabid anti-fangirl, who likes to poke fun at these readers and authors. This is not nice behavior and I need to work on this in the future, well, maybe I'll think about working on it--LOL, no really I need to work on this.

Authors and readers want more respect and yet don't we validate who they are, what they write and what we read by the sheer volume of sales out there? I've seen the RWA numbers they're darned good. I'm sure if you ask horror, mystery, fantasy... authors and readers about respect, they're not happy either. None of this matters. Those that look down their superior noses at us are the clueless ones, not us.

Read what you like, even if it's trashy romance novels. I for one love a good trashy romance. Because if I really thought it was trash, I wouldn't be reading it.

Have a good one, and happy reading.



Bookwormom said...

Hey- Can I join the anti-fangirl club too? Pretty please?!

Or maybe you should rename your blog Snarky Toad- the Anti Fangirl website!

Megan Frampton said...

I am no fan of sycophants either. I mean, I love many authors, but some authors don't write their best book every time. Doesn't mean your taste is WRONG for disliking it (Silent Melody by Mary Balogh, anyone?)

Fickle Fiona said...

Rabid Anti-Fangirl really is a good name for a blog!


Tara Marie said...

Amanda, the club is open to anyone who can appreciate being a "Rabid Anti Fangirl"--LOL

Maybe I should rename the blog ;D

Megan--boy I love Mary Balogh, but you're right, Silent Melody, not good. I guess that's what makes us different from rabid fangirls, we can admit and see when an author doesn't produce their best.

FF--"Rabid Anti-Fangirl" maybe that should be my aka.

Fickle Fiona said...

There you go Tara!

Rabid Anti-Fangirl and the R.A.F.P. (Rabid Anti-Fangirl Posse)travel the blogosphere sniffing our fangirl admiration and extra squishy reviews.

The R.A.F.P. then carry out their public service by labeling said fangirls as SFA3C (stupid fangirl--avoid at all costs!) in order to warn other bloggers of their presence and ultimately protect their sanity.


sybil said...

I loveseseses you tons and you do know that I just like to tease you about you know who... right?