Friday, May 19

Linda Howard Glom

I finished Linda Howard's Shades of Twilight today. It's not my favorite Howard, but I don't hate it either. Roanna is rather like a numb doormat with occasional flashes of backbone. Webb is yet another of LH's alphas.

Tonight it's Open Season, tomorrow will be another LH. I doubt I'll be reading anything but Linda Howard for the next week or two.

I'm officially on a Linda Howard Rereading Binge. And when I'm done, I'll probably buy her new one Cover of Night.

I've decided for at least the weekend I'm avoiding all the debating, though I think things have quieted down somewhat.

I may not be posting anything new until Monday, but I'll be popping in and doing some blog hopping. Saturday we're going to an airshow and Sunday is our 23rd wedding anniversary.

Have a great weekend and happy reading.


ames said...

Happy Anniversary!!
I liked Open Season (but preferred Mr. Perfect). :)
Have a good weekend.

CindyS said...

Happy Anniversary!!


sybil said...

Happy Anniversary! I stared a LH glom but got side tracked by new reviews to do before I got to finish :(


Maili said...

Today's the day! Happy Anniversary!

Fickle Fiona said...

Happy Anniversary!

I work with a Tara. I like her a lot. It is so hard for me to seperate the two of you. LOL.

How was the air show? I love 'em but hate the neck crinks.

Favorite Linda Howard?


Tara Marie said...

Hey Ladies, thanks for all the good thoughts.

Fi--Isn't it strange how we associate names with specific people, I have a good friend who's name is the same as my sister, completely different personalities and yet I knew as soon as I met her she'd be a friend.

The airshow was all right, my son had more fun climbing around the planes that were on display.

My favorite is probably a toss up between After the night and MacKenzie's Mountain, but I could include Duncan's Bride and Midnight Rainbow and... maybe I cant choose--LOL.

Zeek said...

I adore Linda Howard's books. Read them all I think.

Besides the Mankenzie's (and by the way I cried like a baby at the end of Game of Chance not only because I knew the series was over but because of the scene between Wolf and Chance.)

After the Night is magical too, although I had a friend who couldn't get through it because she though Grey was too obnoxious. I found him yummy!

My favorite Howard is probably "Son of the Morning".