Wednesday, May 10

Out of sorts...

I was going to post that The Bachelor Trap has thrown me back into my reading rut, I've been trying to read it for a week now and have been picking up other things in between. But, I'm realizing I'm out of sorts in general and the fact that TBT is rather boring has nothing really to do with it.

My allergies are making me very cranky. No gardening can get done until I can be outside without having an attack. My house needs cleaning, but it seems like I'm constantly running errands.

May is a horrible month for us, in addition to Mother's Day, we have 5 birthday and 5 anniversary, every one needs cards and at least a small gift. My son's school has parties for all the "summer babies" in May, and of course, Junior's birthday is in August so I have to add a school birthday party into the mix. And, we have a Chuck E. Cheese party to go to next week, lord, I hate that mouse.

And, in the middle of all this I decide I need to go back to work part-time. I've an interview tomorrow to do data entry for a local supermarket. I've already told them I'm only willing to work at night, during the week and wont work weekends, and they still want me to come in. We start paying next year's school tuition in July and that will leave the finances kind of stretched to the limit. This doesn't really bother me, but it completely stresses out my hubby. And, we all know, if the hubby's stressed, we're stressed. At this point, all I want is a job, not a career. After Junior starts school full time I have an idea for a small business that I can run from home and work around his schedule.

The allergies have settled down enough that I think I can go out and do some gardening.

Have a good one, and happy reading.

Tara (aka cranky and out of sorts, with nothing to read)


CindyS said...

Holy Cow, I thought I had it bad with the 6 birthdays in the month of November followed by Christmas. 10 events that you have to be up on. Yikes!

I'm sorry about your allergies. I'm a wreck when I have a sinus cold so having allergies would make me super grumpy.

Hey! They have 'summer baby' birthdays now? At least they get a party of some sort - not when we were growing up ;)

I've only discovered recently that Chuck E Cheese was still in business. I could have sworn they went our of business years ago. Strange.

Good luck with your job interview!


Megan Frampton said...


Unless I sell a book soon, I'm in the same 'gotta get a job' boat. I applied to do telephone customer service, like taking J. Crew orders, but haven't heard anything yet.

Good luck to you with that, and sympathy on the allergies--I get 'em, too, but not as bad as you.

Sam said...

I just got some wonderful allergy medicine without cortizone, (sp?) it seems to be working really well - but since I'm also on cortizone just for five days (allergy attack too) I'm going to have to wait to see if the other med is going to work out.
The allergy medicine is called aerius and it's desloratadine (whatever that is)

Tara Marie said...

Cindy--thanks for the sympathy--LOL. My birthday is in December and always falls on the Christmas break, so I never had a school party or a friends party..."it's too close to Christmas..."

Megan--Hopefully you'll sell something soon.

Can you do the J. Crew thing from home?

I'm hoping for rain, that should calm down the pollen. We haven't had rain in weeks.

Sam--The plan is to make it through the weekend, if things improve I wont go to the doctor, but if not, I'm going while Junior's in school on Monday.

Megan Frampton said...


Check out this article, it tells all about it. Great for home-working moms.

Bookwormom said...


Good luck on the interview front. I've been applying intermittently in my local area, with a few nibbles here & there. Nothing definite yet. Which is nice, to be honest. I like living in my rut. It's comfy here. LOL

As to allergies- I've got 'em too & I sympathize. Son #2 & I have been taking our meds faithfully for two months now with no end in sight.

Kristie (J) said...

Good luck on the interview!!! I was a SAHM for years when my kids were small. I think for the first year solid I smiled and said hello to every single customer (got a job at a grocery store across from the school the kids went too.) I was just so darned glad to be in the land of adults again.

Tara Marie said...

Kristie--Thanks, I can appreciate being in the land of adults again--LOL.

Amanda--I'm not overly ambitious about this.

Megan--thanks for the info, I filled out agent info and will see where it leads.

ames said...

Good luck tomorrow TM! And don't feel bad about not finishing the Bachelor Trap. If you want I can tell you the ending because I forced myself to finish it.

Jane said...

Argh re: Bachelor Trap. I was actually thinking about buying this one. I really enjoyed some of her books re: the Secret Branch, particularly the one with Richard Maitland and the one with Case (sp?)

sybil said...

Good luck! Sorry about the work thing but hope the interview goes well. Sounds like it would be good fit for you.

::crosses fingers::