Tuesday, May 16

Gone for a couple of days, and all hell continues...

It just took me two hours to work through my sidebar's "Blog Hopping" section. While sitting in the car yesterday, waiting to pick Junior up from school, I wrote an entire blog post that I planned to type in yesterday afternoon. Never got to it. So, I decided I really needed to see what was going on in romance blog land.

Holy Crap, it seems like things went from bad to down right ugly--LOL.

Forget what I was going to write, I'm just passing on news from different sites...

MJD decided to enter the PC Cast fray over on Smart Bitches. A day late and a dollar short, she should have left well enough alone.

There are links and comments in several different places regarding the DOS "Scandal" over on AAR,you'll have to find the actual message board yourself. If you've been under a rock like I have for the past few days it grew into a huge mess, with Miss Ashworth refusing to come back to the boards. I actually don't blame her.

I've come to the conclusion that if you're reading any book with a highlighter or red correction pen, you're not reading for pleasure. Perhaps real reviewers do this, but since I'm not really a reviewer, just a commenter on what I read, I don't do this. That was grammatically incorrect, sorry. My grammar sucks, it comes from writing from a conversational view point, not a reading one. I'm not likely to pick apart someone else's grammar, but I can find some glaring errors, misspellings and typos. Maybe I'm wrong, but once an author has submitted a book, isn't it the editorial staffs responsibility to 1. Make sure it reads cohesively, 2. Correct spelling and typo mistakes. I'm more likely to blame the publisher than the author for these mistakes.

When it comes to cheesy dialogue, bad character developement and poor plotting, now, that I will blame on the author.

Bad books happen to good authors, they need to remember a bad review is about the book not the author. But, I do think that the thread over on AAR went way to far.

Cranky does an excellent job, commentating on some of this, as does Dear Author and Kristie and several others.

JMC left me laughing with her reference to "The Shrub".

Keishon's looking for secret favorites.

Maili's got company coming and is looking for favorite love songs.

Mary Stella made me cry with the poem she wrote for "Mom", it's very sweet.

Karen is visiting "At The Back Fence".

Fiona's defending Johanna Lindsey.

Thanks to all for keeping me very entertained while I should have been cleaning. I needed the pick me up--the SILFH is pregnant again and the last pregnancy drove her and the rest of the family over the edge. This isn't going to be pretty, maybe it will swing her back towards normal instead of completely insane. A new baby in the family is good news, even if the mother's a little crazy.

Have a great day and happy reading.


Wendy said...

Well I am a reviewer, and honestly the grammatical stuff flies right over my head. Heck, read my blog - it's obvious I'm not a stickler for grammar.

That said, I will nit-pick a book to death - but usually only when there is so much annoying me that the grammatical stuff starts slapping me in the face. Is the heroine TSTL? The hero a Neanderthal? The plot absurd? Chances are I'll start noticing the run-on sentences, poor punctuation etc. Give me a good story though and I could care less.

Tara Marie said...


I used to be a huge nit picker when it came to EVERYTHING. It took me a long time to look past mistakes and your right if I'm already pulling apart the book, I'll notice and pick at the grammar and spelling errors, but if the book is working, I'm going with it, bad grammar and all.

I should add TSTL heroines and absurd plots to my cheesy dialogue... list. Neanderthals I can deal with--love those alpha heros--LOL.


Tara Marie said...

damn "your" = "you're"--see I don't even proof read my comments.

Very bad, Tara

Alyssa said...

Downright ugly is a good term for it. Sure, readers have a right to complain when they're dissatisfied with a book. As a reviewer, I believe in being honest about my impressions while reading.

On the other hand, I think the level of scrutiny about Duke of Scandal got way out of hand. You don't like the book? Fine. Say what you don't like about it and move on. From what I saw, no one wanted to move on.

I don't blame her for leaving, either.

Tara Marie said...

Alyssa, I'm a lurker on AAR and I thought it was ugly Friday, from what I understand it got even worse as the weekend went on.

It was like a feeding frenzy. There's no call for that.