Tuesday, May 2

I Hate Spring

I was going to call this post "Hi, my name is cranky." But, since I named myself an idiot yesterday, I thought that might get confusing.

Do you see these trees?? These trees and every other friggin' tree that is emitting pollen into the air, are killing me.

Before I got pregnant and during my pregnancy I went for allergy shots, and this helped tremendously, but this year the pollen is just ruining my life. Am I being dramatic enough--LOL. My eyes are constantly burning and itchy, my nose is now running constantly and my sinuses feel like they're going to explode. Nothing I've taken helps, prescription or over the counter.

Okay, I'm done whining about that, on to something else.

I woke up to a voice mail this morning:

"Tara, it's "M", bring "Junior" to the park today, It's "K's" birthday. I've sent you guys an invitations for his Chucky Cheese Party, but that's not for a few weeks. I'm getting Pizza, "J" & "C" are coming..." and on it went.

  1. The park is going to kill me (see above)
  2. K is a little monster and a bully with absolutely no discipline
  3. Chucky Cheese birthday parties are a nightmare

The park is also infested with wood ticks. After finding a tick in his hair over the weekend, I took Junior for a buzz cut yesterday, he looks like a little Marine. Of course, my husband complained it was too short, that was until I told him he could comb through his hair every night looking for ticks. And, since my husband had Lyme Disease a few years ago, you'd think the man would be a little more concerned about ticks.

All right, I'm done whining and complaining for today.

Have a good one and happy reading.



ames said...

I hate woodticks with a passion. Here in Manitoba, they're pretty rampant. They don't have woodticks in Germany, so I didn't have to worry about them in the spring over there. Meaning I totally forgot about their existence. When I came back to Canda, it was late summer - no worries. The following spring, I took my dog for a walk and he came back covered in them. I screamed and refused to go outside for a few weeks. It was pretty funny. That incident happened 6 years ago. I'm still pretty phobic about them. I miss Germany...

Tara Marie said...

Ames, the wood ticks are bad enough, but we also have deer ticks that cause Lyme Disease, these things aren't much bigger then the head of a pin. I'm really phobic about these little devils.

Megan Frampton said...

I hate Chuck E. Cheese too. I keep wishing that darn mouse would shut the heck up.