Monday, May 29

The Weekend

Is it possible to get a 4 year old to sleep past 5:30 in the morning? We've tried room darkening shades, putting him to bed later, lots of physical activity and still we're up every morning with the birds.

I don't normally get much time on-line on the weekend, but this morning, the hubby went back to sleep and Junior's playing in his room. I've promised to make French Toast for breakfast, but I'll wait for Chris to wake up again.

We took the little train fiend to the Trolley Museum in Kingston. For $4 they take you on a ride on a trolley converted from electric to diesel. Junior had a great time. The trolley took us past the Rondout Lighthouse. The ride was very nice once we got passed the metal scrap and junk yard. The ride brings you all the way out into the Hudson River at the Point. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries this was the point where steam ships would bring tourists heading to the Catskills, they could pick up a train that would then take them all through the mountains. We also visited the Hudson River Maritime Museum. Junior wasn't all that impressed, nothing to ride on, though I do think during the summer they may offer tourist rides out to the lighthouse. He did scare the hell out of himself when he clanked a huge bell.

Today, our little village has it's annual Memorial Day Parade, we'll walk into town and watch and honor all our veterans.

My dad is veteran of the Korean War. He doesn't talk much about it, but then he did spend much of his time there recovering from a very bad Jeep accident that crushed his right leg. While he was in the hospital, the Red Cross had to track him down for my grandparent, it seems Dad was a horrible letter writer. But, he really was a good son, he would send home almost his entire allotment check, leaving himself with very little. Of course, he would write when he needed money to cover his poker losses. I guess, he didn't play cards while in the hospital. When my Grandmother passed away all of Dad's old letters were given to my Mom, we all have a huge laugh at them, every letter followed the same basic format...Dear Folks, Hope this letter finds all well, give love to the girls [his younger sisters], I'm fine, please send money... then followed some sort of explanation why. Dad still isn't much of a communicator, if he answers the phone, it's sounds something like this... Yeah... How's my grandson... Here talk to your Mother... It took us years to get him not to curse when an answer machine picked up. Dad's a little gruff, but we love him.

Well, sorry for the ramble, I'm not sure if it's made me hungry or the hunger is making me vague--LOL. Off to make breakfast. If the hubby isn't up in time, he'll have to have his FT reheated.

One more thing, I've broken away from Linda Howard, finished Emma Holly's Menage and am now reading Her Scandalous Marriage, by Leslie LaFoy. The EH was okay, maybe I'll blog about it, but the LLF is wonderful.

Have a great day and happy reading.


sybil said...

YAY glad to hear HSM is good. Sorry you didn't like the Holly! That is one of my faves after Top of Her Game.

And the short from Hot Blooded.

Tara Marie said...

Hey Sybil, it's not that I didn't like the Holly, parts were great others not so much, but it's about my likes and dislikes.

Fickle Fiona said...

Ah, French Toast. Linc's favorite. I make a mean one (so I'm told) but don't like it myself.


Sam said...

My twins were always up at the crack of dawn - or even before. They would toddle into our room and peel our eyelids back if we tried to pretend to sleep. "Anyone there?" they'd ask.
I was born in Kingston, and my dad too was in the Korean war - he somehow survived the Chosin Resevoire retreat - but he's never spoken about it except to mention it to my uncle, who was in two wars himself. I had to read a book to find out what happened in the Korean war, and now that I have, I understand why he never says anything.
*sigh* He's sort of the silent type too, like my twin Alex. Calm, quiet, and keeps everything bottled up inside.

Kristie (J) said...

*clapping hands in glee* Isn't the LLF delightful??? Didn't I say it was delightful?? I'm glad you're enjoying it too.

Tara Marie said...

fi--I love french toast, when I was pregnant I had homemade banana bread french toast every morning for atleast 2 months.

Sam--I think our dads come from a different time, their very stoic, I'm not whether that's good or bad.

I thought you were originally from Kingston, the waterfront especially along the Rondout has had such a wonderful resurgence, the area is just filled with great restaurants, galleries and shops.

Kristie--"delightful" is a perfect description of Her Scandalous Marriage. It's has to be one of the best books released this year.