Thursday, June 1

Reading not blogging...

I've started several different blog posts over the last few days, and finished none of them. I've been more interested in reading than blogging.

  1. Come Lie With Me -- Linda Howard
  2. Tears of the Renegade -- Linda Howard
  3. Delicious -- Susan Mallery

Currently reading: MacKenzie's Mountain, as you can tell, I'm still on a Linda Howard kick.

Come Lie With Me holds up to the test of time okay. Much about the book seems dated and is at times incredibly melodramatic, but still it's not horrible.

Tears of the Renegade, all things considered, this one was pretty good, still a little melodramatic, but it almost seemed like a precursor to her later southern dynastic books.

I've been following the newest ATBF discussion on AAR. Found the whole thing interesting until it turned into a subtle and gracious alpha bashing. In order to be a LH fangirl you have to love alpha heros, but I don't avoid books with other types of heros. It doesn't really matter personality type as long as the author keeps the characters consistant to type. And, that doesn't mean an alpha can't have some beta characteristics and vice versa, but it needs to ring true to the character and story.

Lots to do today, so I need to hit the shower.

Have a great day and happy reading.


Bookwormom said...

Wondered where you were, so to speak. Glad you're reading & glomming & keeping jr out of trouble. LOL :)

Sam said...

I love LH too - but I'm not a fangirl of anyone, except maybe Arundhati Roy. I'd wait in line for three hours in the pouring rain to get her autograph, lol.