Monday, June 12


Okay, it's not a catastrophe, but I have no idea what to get the teachers for an end of year gift.

Teachers out there, what do you like??

The class is chipping in for a large gift (an AMEX gift card) but I have no idea what to get from Junior. I'm thinking a nice bouquet of flowers, instead of some little trinkety thing--good lord, they have 60 students, how much of this stuff can they get?

Have a good one...

PS--the dumpster is just about full and every muscle in my body hurts.


Marg said...

something homemade? Our school year ends in December so I give my son's teachers a home made Christmas Pudding, but you could do like cookies or something small but personal

Kate D. said...

You have a lovely no-trinkets thought process happening here. Speaking as one who just got a load of apple-themed crud for her desk, I appreciate your restraint. (I mean, I love my students and I want to display everything... but I just got three ceramic apple-shaped paperclip holders!)

Homemade things are nice. Gift cards are nice, especially to restaurants or cafes (for those long teaching days where you need caffeine or don't feel like cooking).

The best gift I ever got was from a woman who had two boys in my 5th grade class. The family gave me a tiny, tasteful picture frame Christmas ornament for my tree, complete with picture of me with her sons. You can bet I hang that sucker every year.

Fickle Fiona said...

The best gift I ever got was a tea and bath basket. It was such a simple idea that I went home, made myself a nice cup of tea and used the honey in the pretty little jar with the kids name on it and took a bath. Best gift ever.


Megan Frampton said...

I like candles, the super-pricey ones not from Hallmark or whatever. Things someone wouldn't buy for themselves.

And homemade treats are nice, but not if you think the teachers are trying to lose weight or anything.

And totally off-topic: Where on the Jersey Shore are you going? We'll be in Ocean City from August 19-Sept. 2, there's a great UBS there (Bookateria).

Tara Marie said...

Ladies, thanks for the ideas.

I was in my local green grocer (they have a beautiful flower sectional) and ended up making a nice bouquet for each teacher. He gave them the flowers on the way out of school yesterday, normally I'd give it to them the last day of school, but the other mothers want to make a fuss over the end of year baskets w/gift cards. They both cried. I'm not sure that's good or bad.

Marge--food is always a good idea.

Kate--when I owned a gift shop, I recommended small picture frame ornaments or small ornaments that they could put the childs name and year on.

Fiona--that's a great idea, I may add tea stuff to the gift basket from the class.

Megan--we're going to Pt. Pleasant Beach August 19-26. And, we're heading up to New Hampshire for a long weekend in July, but I'm not sure which one.