Wednesday, June 14

Lost in the shuffle

Over on SB, this post kind of got lost amongst the mantitties and birthday wishes to Sarah.

I've added Joyce Ellen Armond's Speculative Romance website to my sidebar. Her Horror and Romance, Sitting in a Tree article completely hits the mark for me. I've always thought paranormal romances aren't scary enough, and I gave up on horror because I prefer a HEA ending.

There are a few authors that hit the horror mark periodically through their paranormal romances, Lynn Viehl's Darkyn series, Kresley Coles's new one, Meljean Brooks' Falling for Anthony... but most seem to write tormented vampire heros and not much sustained horror.

Who else wants to be scared spitless when reading paranormals? Recommendations, please.

Have a good one, and happy reading.


meljean brook said...


But, alas, I have no recommendations. I wish I did.

Kendra said...

I wasn't scared spitless, but Erin Grady's Whispers and Echos gave me chills. She writes about ghosts and things that go bump in the nigh. Now don't read horror. I get nightmares.

Happy reading...